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D4C Dental Brands

“We’re now able to win more opportunities that, before Lexion, we were losing because of workload management. Our legal team hasn’t expanded, but with Lexion, we can scale with our organization’s growth.”

Before Lexion

After Lexion

D4C spends an hour on tasks that used to take 7-10 days with Lexion

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D4C empowers pediatric dentists and orthodontists to focus on what they’re passionate about

D4C provides business management for pediatric dentistry and orthodontic practices, which includes marketing, operations, recruiting, and more. With the organization managing practitioners’ day-to-day work, they’re free to focus on the work they’re passionate about: Practicing medicine and caring for patients. 

Without a CLM, D4C’s recruitment processes were inconsistent and inefficient — blocking company growth 

Recruiting doctors is central to D4C’s business model, but each employment offer looks different depending on the type of practice, hire, location, and other factors. Without any contract templates in place, D4C ran into several issues.

Recruiters copied and pasted their own terms into offers without approval from legal, meaning:

  • Increased risk for the company
  • Difficulty reporting on contract obligations
  • Slow, manual processes
  • Painstaking legal review timelines because every contract was bespoke
  • Inability to forecast general market and local trends in employment offers and negotiating trends. 

Drawn-out hiring processes cost the company valuable candidates.

While people understood their contributions to established workflows, overall knowledge gaps in the processes due to redundancies and communication inefficiencies led to delays and lost opportunities. Due to a lack of centralized contract management, other departments struggled to gain visibility into essentials like vendor contracts and salary standards.

Enter Lexion: A CLM with the right ROI

David Prado, D4C’s Associate General Counsel, was tasked with finding a contract management system. Though he knew the right CLM could solve a lot of D4C’s challenges, the process of finding the right one was no easy process. His top priorities were:

  • A great template system for document generation
  • Clean reporting
  • An open API

David talked with the most robust CLM solutions, but he discovered the ROI wasn’t what it needed to be for his organization — the most robust CLMs offered a variety of features David knew he’d never need, making the cost impractical. But when he looked at more minimal technologies, they didn’t meet all of his requirements. Finally, a friend referred him to Lexion, and he found the right fit. 

“We tested out the most robust, luxury CLM on the market, but it was so expensive, the ROI wasn’t there — we needed something with the right tools, but it had to make sense from an ROI perspective.”  David Prado, Associate General Counsel at D4C Dental Brands

With Lexion, he found all of the capabilities he needed, but without the bloated cost.

The D4C legal team improved efficiency by 80x, streamlined efficiencies, and now, scales contract management at the speed of company growth

During Prado’s trial period with Lexion, it became clear that the reporting capabilities would have a big impact on his organization's ability to standardize terms for new hires. And with a fast implementation — D4C’s entire AI-powered repository of more than 5,000 documents was ingested and ready to go in just two weeks. The team is now up and running and enjoying multiple wins:

  • With Workflow and templated document generation, new offers for doctors can now be completed in 1 hour, where they used to take up to 7-10 days, which means, the team is winning more hires because of a faster onboarding process.
  • Vendor redundancies from acquisitions are now visible and contracts are renegotiated to streamline efficiencies
  • Contract termination dates with vendors are no longer missed, saving the organization from unnecessary spending.
  • D4C can continue to grow and adopt new software vendors compatible with the system they’ve built because of Lexion’s open API.