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Streamline security reviews, monitor compliance, and manage vendor relationships and obligations
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Why Lexion

Lexion helps IT get business done.

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Manage approvals and collaboration

Streamline security reviews, onboarding, and more
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Onboard vendors with ease

Standardize processes and accelerate workflows

Monitor and ensure compliance

Easily check SLAs and compliance requirements
What Lexion can do

Streamline security reviews

Manage your end-to-end security review process all in one place. Easily collect security documentation, collaborate with internal and vendor stakeholders, centralize feedback, and more. 

Onboard new vendors and suppliers with ease

Automate more of your onboarding process and quickly share key details, from scope of work and payment terms to compliance and security requirements, with relevant parties in record time.

Monitor and ensure compliance

Get instant access to SLAs and other obligations, from uptime commitments to data breach policies and more. Audit contracts as laws and regulations change to stay on top of the latest requirements.

Accelerate security questionnaires

Work seamlessly with other teams to accelerate deals and make IT a competitive advantage. Work seamlessly with counterparts in your other key systems without leaving Lexion.

Centralize and simplify RFP management

Ease collaboration and ensure accountability by bringing RFP management inside Lexion, with tools to assign ownership, automate approvals, and ensure stakeholder engagement at every stage.

Amy Lund, Dir. of Legal, RetailNext
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“It wasn’t long before I realized I was receiving a lot fewer questions from across the company. It wasn’t because they stopped having questions about contracts, but because they had already started using Lexion to answer those questions themselves. Now I deal primarily with much more complex legal requests, which is how legal should be spending its time.”
– Amy Lund, Director of Legal, RetailNext
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