AI Contract Assist

Draft, redline, and execute contracts faster with AI assist inside Microsoft Word
AI Contract Assist™ is currently in closed beta testing.
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Draft Language Instantly

Harness the power of AI to accelerate contracting at every stage
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Clarify Risky Language

Draft clearer, more defensible language that all parties understand
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Focus on What Matters

Spend less time drafting and negotiating low-complexity language
An Intelligent Contract Assistant

Get instant inline suggestions to get started on new language

Describe the language you’re looking for, and Lexion will offer relevant suggestions on the spot. No more wasted time scouring the internet looking for examples.

Get help redlining with an AI-powered first pass for your review

Select the clause you'd like to modify and simply enter your request. Lexion will suggest a set of proposed redlines to help get you started.

Look up clauses from your existing contracts or your Clause Library

Trying to recall a clause you saw in a recent contract? Want to pull approved language from your company's clause library? With AI contract assist, you can do both inline without even leaving Word.

Summarize clauses to help you respond to questions or negotiate with counterparties

Generate a simplified summary of clauses and redlines. Spend much less time responding to questions for interpreting a contract, and drafting email responses to counterparty.
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