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Lexion can read your contracts to automatically extract dates, parties, and 120+ clauses and terms.
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Lexion was founded at the world-class Allen Institute for AI, and our ML team brings decades of combined experience at the most innovative tech companies and institutions.

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How Lexion'S AI helps
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Get Organized

Create a single source of truth for all your contracts.
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Save Time

Automatically file contracts and help your team find them easily.
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Be Proactive

Get automated alerts for key dates like renewals and expirations.
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Quick Insights

Understand what's in your contracts in minutes, not weeks.

Lexion's AI by the Numbers


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data points extracted from documents


time saved onboarding all of your contracts
How it Works
A graphic depicting the various stages of the process by which our AI understands documents

1. Read Text & Formatting

First, we pull the text contained in a contract, including font size, styles like bold or italics, indentation, position on page, and more. All of these are signals for our AI.

2. Understand Structure

Our system then identifies headers & footers, clauses & sub-clauses, signature blocks, and recognizes multiple contracts and attachments within the same PDF.

3. Classify & Extract

Finally, the system uses these learnings to classify contract language into the clauses it represents, the type of contract it is, and extract parties, dates, termination periods, governing laws, and over 120 more fields.

Our homegrown NLP platform allows us to quickly create new models for bespoke use cases—just as we did for UiPath, which saw up to 94+% model quality in just one week.

Lexion's state-of-the-art AI and robust technical stack can adapt quickly to new sets of documents with little to no human input. For UiPath—and for companies like yours—that means quick insight and understanding across enormous collections of contracts.
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Have a set of documents you want help analyzing and understanding? Let us know.
Dive Deeper into Lexion's AI

Learn more about how Lexion’s system works, as well as the practical challenges of building AI for real business users, directly from our Chief Technology Officer, Emad Elwany.

Read a discussion with our CTO on "using deep learning to reimagine contract management systems"
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Listen to our CTO on DevInterrupted, discussing "What Devs Need to Teach CEOs About AI"
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Watch a video presentation with our CTO on "ML Tooling at an AI-First Startup"
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Homegrown and State of the Art

We built our NLP system from the ground up, which allows us to continuously experiment with the latest in AI.

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Weak Supervision
Large Language Models
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Transfer Learning
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Table Understanding
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Machine Teaching

Recognized by CB Insights Top 100 AI Startups two years in a row and recently named among the Enterprise AI 55 by IVP and the next gen of AI companies building the future by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

IA40 Winner - 2022Leader - G2 Fall 2023Momentum Leader - G2 Fall 2023Best Est. ROI - G2 Fall 2023Most Implementable - G2 Fall 2023Best Usability - G2 Fall 2023Best Support / Enterprise - G2 Fall 2023Easiest to do Business With / Enterprise - G2 Fall 2023CB Insights AI 100 - 2021CBInsights AI 100 - 2020LegalTech Breakthrough Award - 2023
Read our Published Research

Pioneering research into the practical application of AI in the real world hasn't just made Lexion a leading AI-powered CLM. It's made us a fixture in top-notch academic publications, too.

The Law of Large Documents: Understanding the Structure of Legal Contracts Using Visual Cues
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BERT Goes to Law School: Quantifying the Competitive Advantage of Access to Large Legal Corpora in Contract Understanding
NeurIPS 2019
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DeeperDive: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Weak Supervision in Document Understanding
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Lexion's ability to scan and accurate extract fields from signed contracts (like party names, title, terms, and termination, etc.) is absolutely the best in class. The AI is critical to quickly organize a large volume of contracts with a minimal human touch and quickly find what you are looking for.
Mariya P.
G2 Review

With so much AI hype, it’s easy to get untethered from real dollars and cents. Not for us. We build AI to serve practical business needs that tie to the bottom line.

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Onboard all your existing contracts 80% faster

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Reduce time in audits, financing, and compliance by up to 80%

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Save up to 90% time filing and tracking dates

Meet our CTO
Emad Elwany, Lexion's CTO, works on a problem at a whiteboard

Connect with Emad

Emad Elwany has natural language processing in his bones (after all, he’s from Alexandria, Egypt). He studied AI at Stanford, and then spent over 8 years at Microsoft Research, building state-of-the-art, real world applications using this technology. Connect with him here, and reach out if you’re interested in geeking out. When not building intelligent machines, he’s either skiing down a mountain, chasing down tickets for the next Guns n' Roses show, or being an awesome dad to his two young kids.
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