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America’s Best Startup Employers

In partnership with market research company Statista, America’s Best Startup Employers 2023 was compiled by evaluating 2,600 U.S.-based businesses with at least 50 employees based on three criteria...

Missouri In-House Counsel

Chat GPT for lawyers: upsides and downsides

There’s a new technology making waves that should be on your radar if it isn’t already: ChatGPT. The reason you should familiarize yourself with it is because all signs indicate that this cutting-edge  AI...

ABA Journal

The Case for ChatGPT: Why lawyers should embrace AI

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the world in which we work and live. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that AI-related transformation is already happening, and the legal industry is not...


Seven Legal Players That Are Already Harnessing GPT-3.5 Technology

Not long after OpenAI rolled out its GPT-3 large language models, a handful of pioneers in the legal field dove headfirst to utilize the technology. One of the earliest legal tech adopters of GPT-3.5 technology...

JD Supra

Legal Jobs During a Recession: Tips for Attorneys Who Have Been Laid Off

Show, don’t tell, when it comes to your story. Providing advice to laid off in-house attorneys, Jessica Nguyen, Chief Legal Officer at Lexion, suggests pulling together some concrete examples of how your...


Artificial Intelligence Jobs: How Will AI Change The Job Market?

With the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, many people wonder what jobs will be affected by this new technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to streamline and make many jobs more efficient...


How this sales startup is using GPT-3 tech to boost lead qualification

The economic slowdown and tech layoffs have dealt a double blow to enterprise sales teams. Outreach CEO Manny Medina thinks AI can help. The Seattle startup is testing a new feature called...

Lawyer Monthly

The Top Legal Trends for 2023

A common stereotype of the legal sector is that it is quick to calcify and slow to change its established way of doing things. Regardless of how true this may be when compared to other industries, the world of law is...

The Wall Street Journal

ChatGPT Spotlights Microsoft’s Early Efforts to Monetize AI

The startup Lexion uses GPT-3 to help customers draft and amend legal documents. The company’s founders said the product is best used to assist an attorney rather than replacing one. The software...


Lexion’s Gaurav Oberoi on Applying AI to Change an Industry

In this week’s IA40 Spotlight Episode of Founded & Funded, Investor Elisa La Cava talks to Lexion Co-founder and CEO Gaurav Oberoi. Lexion was one of the first spinouts from AI2, and Madrona invested...

The Law Society Gazette

Generative AI: a jetpack for legal

Seattle-based legal tech startup Lexion launched AI Contract Assist, a GPT-3 plug-in for Word which helps to draft and redline legal documents. CTO co-founder Emad Elwany worked for Microsoft Research on NLP...

Legal Dive

2023 outlook: Slower economy will pressure GCs to cut spend, operate more efficiently

General counsel are expected to rely on legal operations specialists to help them increase in-house departments’ value to the broader organization...

Legal Dive

6 in-house legal trends to watch in 2023

Legal chiefs expected to do more with less even while operational costs rise and compliance risks grow...

Accounting Today

Machine learning in Google Sheets, and other tech stories you may have missed

Speaking of conversational AI, Lexion — a Seattle-based legal tech startup — began using the language model GPT-3 from conversational AI nonprofit OpenAI. The software that Lexion developed assists...


Your Best Chromebook Deals…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

Lexion - a Seattle-based legal tech startup - recently began using the language model GPT-3 from conversational AI nonprofit OpenAI. The software that Lexion developed assists lawyers in understanding...


Behind the Curtain: How Lexion Harnessed GPT-3.5 for Contracts

As ChatGPT enthralls legal, CLM provider Lexion has successfully incorporated the underlying technology into its offerings. Here they discuss the process and what's to come from GPT-3.5 technology in legal work.


Legal Tech Startup Lexion Tasks GPT-3 to Help Draft Contracts in Microsoft Word

Lawyers can ask GPT-3 to help write contracts in Microsoft Word thanks to legal tech startup Lexion’s new AI Contract Assist Word plugin. The new tool offers assistance in drafting and negotiating terms, as well as...


Legal tech startup Lexion is using GPT-3 to help lawyers write summaries & suggest edits

Seattle legal tech startup Lexion is the latest company to take advantage of GPT-3, the language model from OpenAI that drew widespread interest following the recent release of ChatGPT...

Legal IT Insider

US CLM vendor Lexion unveils GPT-3 based contract drafting tool

Seattle-headquartered contract lifecycle management vendor Lexion today (20 December) unveils its AI Contract Assist tool, which uses GPT-3 to help lawyers with contract review and drafting...

Legal Dive

Lexion leverages GPT-3 technology to assist attorneys with contracts

The software company said its new AI-powered tool will speed up contract turnaround times by generating clause language and producing suggested redlines...

Legal Tech StartUp Focus

Charlie Uniman newsletter

Here's more from legaltech startup Lexion itself on the company's GPT-3 based Contract Analyst tool. Very early (but exciting) days on generative AI's use in legal tech...

Legally Disrupted

Why 2023 Will Be The Year of AI + My First Music Video

In case you haven’t noticed, the team at Killer Whale Strategies is breathless about ChatGPT (and all this generative AI stuff). I’ll tell you some of our big AI predictions for 2023 below, but first some fun.


Tech Can Help Legal Through a Recession—If They Can Afford It

If a recession is still in the cards next year, law firms and legal departments have had ample time to prepare. In addition to trimming costs, many are also looking to become more efficient by leveraging additional legal technology and automation...

Legal IT Insider

In-house counsel bullish on tech helping to reduce workload in downturn

In-house counsel are bullish on leveraging technology as a resource to help them reduce their workload in the face of hiring freezes, a survey of 450 legal professionals out this week shows...


Legal Tech Can Help in Economic Downturn—But Won't Be Spared Budget Cuts

As businesses prepare for a potential economic downturn, Lexion's "The Current State of Legal Tech" survey looks at the moves corporate legal professionals plan to make with tightened budgets...


As Companies Rein In Legal Spend, They Are Bullish on Leveraging Legal Tech

Not surprisingly given the economy, a survey of inhouse legal professionals finds that companies are slowing down or freezing hiring, reducing outside counsel spending, and conducting layoffs...


Legal Depts. See Tech As Key To Facing Economic Downturn

Not surprisingly given the economy, a survey of inhouse legal professionals finds that companies are slowing down or freezing hiring, reducing outside counsel spending, and conducting layoffs...


Lexion, AI-based contracts venture backed by Wilson Sonsini, raises $11 mln

Lexion, an artificial intelligence-powered contract management startup aimed at in-house legal teams at mid-market companies, said Thursday that it secured $11 million in a Series A funding round. Venture capital firm Khosla Ventures led the oversubscribed round for Seattle-based Lexion...


Silicon Valley firm Khosla Ventures makes a rare Seattle investment, leading $11M round

The Seattle startup that helps legal teams use AI to sift through contracts has quadrupled revenue and added 50 customers over the past four months, including brands such as Outreach, Blue Nile, OfferUp...

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