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Why Lexion

Lexion makes it easy for procurement and legal teams to track obligations and minimize risk.

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100% visibility into terms and obligations

Get instant visibility into what’s in your contracts
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Find & review contracts in a fraction of the time

Make finding exactly what you need fast and easy

Save tens of thousands of dollars

Accidental vendor renewals and expirations are a thing of the past
What Lexion can do
Get notifications and reminders automatically

Automatically track key dates and deadlines to avoid costly mistakes

Setting up automatic reminders for key dates and deadlines like vendor renewals or notice of termination is a breeze with Lexion. Its AI-powered Repository will automatically tag and file your contracts, too, so your total picture of vendor obligations is only a click away.

Report on key terms and obligations fast

Report on key terms and obligations across all your contracts in seconds

Lexion's world-class AI makes searching and reporting on key terms and obligations simple. Quickly find and report on things like GDPR or CCPA compliance, data breach terms, and more. Need to share that information with other teams or partners? Download or send your reports with ease.

Standardize agreements and reduce risk with Clause Library

Standardize your agreements and processes across every touchpoint

Powerful document generation and an intuitive Clause Library make it easy to ensure that everybody has access to the most current approved language and templates—even when legal isn't involved.

Amy Lund, Dir. of Legal, RetailNext
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“It wasn’t long before I realized I was receiving a lot fewer questions from across the company. It wasn’t because they stopped having questions about contracts, but because they had already started using Lexion to answer those questions themselves. Now I deal primarily with much more complex legal requests, which is how legal should be spending its time.”
– Amy Lund, Director of Legal, RetailNext
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Accelerate approvals, increase visibility, and automate away tedious, manual processes by integrating Coupa with Lexion
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