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Wonderful Workflows

Speed up contract review with intuitive task management made for legal teams
How lexion helps
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Accelerate Deals

Streamline intake, approvals, and signatures to avoid wasted time.
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Get Visibility

See status of all open tasks and take action on stuck items.
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Collaborate Easily

Let stakeholders work with you the way they do, via email.
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Earn Trust

Share key metrics: contracts reviewed, time taken, and more.
All the features you want, and none that you don't

1. Central Dashboard

Instantly see every task your team is working on, and what stage it’s in. Click through to get all context in one place. No more sifting through a patchwork of emails to find the deal status.

2. Easy Intake

Create any number of custom intake forms to kickstart tasks. Associate templates and default approvers with workflows to standardize your process.

3. Approval Capture

Request approvals from team members or entire teams. Allow them to respond via email, and send them reminders to follow up.

4. Draft Management

Immediately find the latest version of a contract, and click to view prior versions. Retain all deal history in one place for future reference and compliance.
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With Lexion, anyone in our company can simply send an email asking for a contract review, and it turns the request into a task on a dashboard. I can then manage the entire process in one place, while my internal clients can remain in email.
Michael Leman
Deputy General Counsel, Fox Factory

5. Discussion Threads

All discussion on a task is captured in one place. Your stakeholders can simply respond to emails, and don’t need to learn a new system to participate.

6. KPI Reports

View and share your team’s performance across key metrics like contract review volume and average time to review. Dig in further by task type, project owner, and status over select time ranges.
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Scale legal with clear insight into how much your team has and how efficient you are

7. Instant Adoption

You and your team can get started immediately; no configuration and training needed. Stakeholders can simply email in a contract to review to request help.
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Unlike other CLMs, no change management is required

8. Seamless Filing

Once signed, contracts are filed in Lexion’s Repository from the same dashboard. The Workflow task is linked to the contract so you always have the deal history.
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