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Accelerate deals, increase visibility, and automate away tedious, manual processes by putting the power of Lexion inside Salesforce
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Salesforce with Lexion is the fastest way for sales and legal to get deals done.

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Accelerate Deals

Streamline your entire contracting process to get to "Closed Won" faster
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Increase Visibility

Provide stakeholders always-on access to the information they need
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Automate More

Reduce manual work and minimize opportunities for costly mistakes

Submit requests and generate contracts easily inside Salesforce

Submit tasks or generate and send documents for signature from legal-approved templates with just a few clicks—all without leaving Salesforce or learning a new process.
A Lexion task submission panel inside Salesforce
A Lexion task submission panel inside Salesforce

Streamline order form creation, approval and signature, and more with Lexion and Salesforce CPQ

Empower sales to generate order forms and other agreements in Lexion from custom quote information in CPQ—and even send for signature automatically. Building templates is simple for legal, too, with Lexion’s easy-to-use template builder inside Microsoft Word.

Get task status and legal updates without leaving the opportunity

Lexion keeps sales and legal in lock step by surfacing task status, activity logs, message history, signature status, and more inside the Salesforce opportunity. Stay updated without ever having to ask.
A panel displaying Lexion legal request status inside Salesforce
A Lexion legal intake form pre-populated with deal information from Salesforce

Sync key deal details between Salesforce and Lexion automatically

Eliminate duplicate data entry and minimize errors by automatically sharing crucial information across both platforms. Making a new request? Intake forms pull relevant details by default to make collaborating with legal simple.

Find related contracts and other important documents quickly

Find and download related contracts from Lexion inside Salesforce in an instant. Waiting on a signature? Agreements attach to opportunities automatically after signature, so you'll have the contract in hand the moment it's signed.
A panel showing related contracts are available from Lexion in Salesforce
A Salesforce dropdown showing Reports including Lexion data

Unlock your Lexion data with powerful Salesforce Reports

Lexion makes it easy to be proactive by making legal details reportable in Salesforce. Pipeline review? Show your team things like total value of deals in legal, legal task status, the latest activity, and more. No more waiting on updates from legal.
[Lexion] has provided essential internal visibility in crunch times for our legal team to organize, allocate, review and revert redlines quickly while also providing visibility to the Sales leadership as to where deals are sitting in the legal process.
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