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Get organized and ensure you always have the information you need for disclosures and due diligence.
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Lexion makes disclosure and diligence easy

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Why Lexion

Lexion makes the information you need for disclosures and diligence available instantly.

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100% visibility into terms and obligations

Get instant visibility into what’s in your contracts
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Find & review contracts in a fraction of the time

Make finding exactly what you need fast and easy

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars

Drastically reduce (or eliminate) reliance on costly outside counsel
What Lexion can do
Organize and report on contracts with AI

Get organized and stay organized with award-winning AI

Lexion’s award-winning AI automatically and quickly extracts key information and organizes and files your contracts. No matter when (or how quickly) you need to mobilize for funding or M&A activity, your data is always ready for investors.

Automatically extracts and tags key clauses

Accelerate due diligence with powerful search and reporting

Thanks to Lexion’s AI-powered extractions, understanding and searching and reporting on key clauses and terms and across your entire body of contracts takes only a few clicks. Creating your disclosure schedule has never been so simple.

Get organized with award-winning AI

Assemble your comprehensive, secure data room with ease

Lexion makes assembling your virtual data room a breeze. Organizing documents and managing permissions is simple, and you can rest easy knowing everything is totally secure and safe with Lexion’s SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

Amy Lund, Dir. of Legal, RetailNext
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“It wasn’t long before I realized I was receiving a lot fewer questions from across the company. It wasn’t because they stopped having questions about contracts, but because they had already started using Lexion to answer those questions themselves. Now I deal primarily with much more complex legal requests, which is how legal should be spending its time.”
– Amy Lund, Director of Legal, RetailNext
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Teams love Lexion

It’s time to get organized.

Lexion’s intelligent repository centralizes all of your contracts with award-winning AI to help you get organized, save time, and be proactive.
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