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Why Lexion

Lexion is the simplest way to scale legal without adding to your headcount.

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Maximize your revenue

Grow your bottom line while also shortening your sales cycles
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Radically increase your legal team's capacity

Drastically improve legal's efficiency without onboarding new hires
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Minimize time spent on contract admin

Let legal focus on more complex, strategic work
What Lexion can do
Lexion creates a single source of truth

Centralize your contract lifecycle to create a single source of truth

Bring legal task management and all of your contracts together under one intuitive, AI-powered roof. Make it easy for stakeholders to find the information they need fast, from key terms and contracts to task details, statuses, and next steps.

Empower stakeholders with contract generation and more

Reduce tedious manual work by automating contracting processes

Save time and empower stakeholders to self-serve their own NDAs and other contracts. Streamline intake and task management with email-driven workflows. Search and report on your entire body of contracts in seconds, and share them with a click.

Submit legal requests from inside Salesforce

Integrate your existing tools and processes into your legal workflow

Email-driven workflows let stakeholders work in the tools they know, and Lexion integrates easily with key business and collaboration systems like Salesforce, Slack, and DocuSign, too. Streamline collaboration between legal, sales, finance, procurement, and HR.

Submit legal requests via email

Guarantee adoption with no costly consultants or dedicated IT support

Unlike cumbersome enterprise systems and other contracting platforms, Lexion is up and running in no time. Adding users, setting permissions, configuring intake forms, and creating templates is simple and entirely self-serve. No PhD required.

Amy Lund, Dir. of Legal, RetailNext
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“It wasn’t long before I realized I was receiving a lot fewer questions from across the company. It wasn’t because they stopped having questions about contracts, but because they had already started using Lexion to answer those questions themselves. Now I deal primarily with much more complex legal requests, which is how legal should be spending its time.”
– Amy Lund, Director of Legal, RetailNext
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Teams love Lexion

FOX Factory works like a team twice its size with Lexion.

Contracting processes that used to take weeks now might take days, and what took minutes or hours can now be done in seconds.
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Michael Leman, Deputy GC at FOX Factory
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