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Why Lexion

Lexion helps finance and legal teams extract more value from their contracts

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100% visibility into terms and obligations

Get instant visibility into what’s in your contracts
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Find & review contracts in a fraction of the time

Make finding exactly what you need fast and easy

Save tens of thousands of dollars

Accidental contract renewals and expirations are a thing of the past
What Lexion can do
Automate approvals to enforce standards and processes

Manage approvals with ease

Lexion makes it easy to manage and track approvals across your entire organization. With No-Code Workflow Automation, you can even route contracts for approval automatically, ensuring key steps and approvals never get missed.

Streamline revenue recognition

Streamline revenue recognition

Easily extract key and report on key details from your agreements, including contract values, relevant payment terms and other obligations, and more.

Create custom reports and track key dates across your contracts

Create an organized single source of truth with award-winning AI

Award-winning AI automatically and quickly extracts more than 120 terms and clauses. Need information on an agreement? Full-text search returns the answers you need in seconds.

Create custom reports and track key dates across your contracts

Track and report on key terms and obligations across your contracts

Track important dates and deadlines like auto-renewal, expiration, milestone payments, and more. No more unexpected surprises.

Amy Lund, Dir. of Legal, RetailNext
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“It wasn’t long before I realized I was receiving a lot fewer questions from across the company. It wasn’t because they stopped having questions about contracts, but because they had already started using Lexion to answer those questions themselves. Now I deal primarily with much more complex legal requests, which is how legal should be spending its time.”
– Amy Lund, Director of Legal, RetailNext
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Lexion's intelligent Repository centralizes all of your contracts with world-class AI to help you get organized, save time, and be proactive.
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