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Current State of Legal Tech Cover
The Current State of Legal Tech

Lexion surveyed 200+ legal and sales professionals to learn where they stand on AI, preferred tech, collaboration, implementation, and more.

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4 Ways Legal and Sales Can Drive Faster Deals Cover
4 Ways Legal and Sales Can Drive Faster Deals

Dig into tips on how Sales and Legal teams can manage communication and expectations to keep deals agile.

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The GC Playbook Cover
What Every New General Counsel Needs to Know to Thrive

All you need to start (and love) your new job as an in-house attorney from Jessica Nguyen, Chief Legal Officer at Lexion.

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3 Step Guide to Accelerate Contracting with Legal Metrics Cover
Improve Efficiency and Make Legal Everyone's Favorite Department

Learn the three simple-yet-crucial steps to speeding up contracting processes and accelerating business growth.

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Sales and Legal Checklist Cover
The Sales Checklist for Getting Legal on Your Side

Uncover the five steps you can take to streamline collaboration between sales and legal and close deals faster.

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The Ultimate DPA Template cover
The Ultimate DPA Template

A complete starting point for legal teams that don't want to develop a thorough data processing addendum from scratch.

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Building the Business Case for a CLM
Building the Business Case for a CLM

A step-by-step guide to making the case and aligning your company behind new legal technology.

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Cover of Ten Red Flags to Look For When Vetting Legal AI Tools (Including CLMs)
Ten Red Flags to Look For When Vetting Legal AI Tools (Including CLMs)

Top tips for recognizing AI red flags when evaluating new legal technology.

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See how Lexion simplifies the contract management process

Lexion No-Code Workflow Automation

See how Lexion's No-Code Workflow Automation helps get contracts done faster

Lexion + Microsoft Teams

See how Lexion's Microsoft Teams bot helps teammates find contract information quickly.

Lexion + HubSpot

See how Lexion's HubSpot integration accelerates sales, increases visibility, and automates away tedious, manual processes.

Lexion for Word

See how Lexion for Word streamlines redlining and simplifies versioning by putting the power of Lexion inside Microsoft Word.

Lexion Repository

See how Lexion Repository helps you get organized, save time, and be proactive.

Lexion Document Comparison

See how Lexion accelerates deals and eliminates errors by comparing drafts inside the app.

Lexion Instant Contracts

See how Lexion can help draft, prepare, sign, and file simple contracts—all without involving legal.

Lexion Workflow

See how Lexion Workflow helps you accelerate deals, stay on top of tasks, collaborate seamlessly, and earn trust.

Lexion Overview

See what makes Lexion the incredibly easy to use contract management system.

Lexion + Slack

See how Lexion's Slack bot makes it easy for teammates to find information on contracts.

Lexion + DocuSign

See how Lexion's DocuSign integration makes it easy to prepare, sign, and file contracts with DocuSign—all within Lexion.

Lexion + Salesforce

See how Lexion's Salesforce integration accelerates sales, increases visibility, and automates away tedious, manual processes.

Customer Stories

See how Lexion has helped companies like yours

Cloud Security
Lacework closes deals more than 2x faster with Lexion
Medical Equipment Manufacturing
MicroVention saves dozens of hours of work per week with Lexion
B2B Consumer Goods
FOX Factory’s lean legal team of 7 operates like a team of 14 with Lexion
Cart.com chose the value of Lexion after evaluating 30 CLMs
B2B Healthcare
D4C spends an hour on tasks that used to take 7-10 days with Lexion
Saving 10 hours/week on contracts and proving legal value with KPIs
Software Development
20% time-savings reaps better partnerships and better reports
Law Practice
Silicon Valley’s largest law firm sees “dramatic ROI” with Lexion
B2B Technology
Bitrise’s legal team keeps pace as company doubles in size with Lexion
B2B Technology
RetailNext achieved company-wide adoption in days with Lexion (and just one email)

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Consero General Counsel Forum
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How to Change "No" to "Yes" in Contract Negotiations
  • Thursday, June 13, 2024
  • 9am PT / 12pm ET
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Learn from recordings from previous live events

How to Win Friends & Influence Executives
Communicating and Counseling Effectively as In-House Counsel.
Commercial Contracting Basics: How to Review the Clauses that Actually Matter
Master the art of reviewing and negotiating commercial agreements.
Building the Business Case for a CLM
Learn how to build a business case for CLMs for in-house legal teams to secure buy-in from key stakeholders.
Building a Business Case for CLM
How to sell your CFO on the value of a CLM
Budgeting for Growth
Optimizing resources in the legal department
Ethical Use of AI for Legal Teams
The role of ethics to guide the responsible development and use of AI tools in the legal domain.
How to counsel your business on using GenAI intelligently
Learn more about the power of AI and the challenges that come with.
How to Secure a GC Role
Real life stories of wins and lessons learned.
Job Seeking During a Recession
Expert Tips for In-House Counsel Looking to Advance or Find Their Next GC Role.
The Art of Legal Ops
Building a Team and Measuring for Success
Contract Negotiations
Get Deals to the Finish Line Faster
DPA Teardown
How to Review Data Processing Addendums Better than AI
Supporting Neurodiverse Employees on In-House Legal Teams
Neurodiverse employees provide a unique perspective - now is the time to leverage these leaders who think differently.
Close Deals 20% Faster - Getting Legal On Your Side
Stop getting stuck in the legal black hole and get the lawyers on your side.
Maximizing Operations— from Revenue to Legal to Sales
Best practices and strategies for maximizing operational efficiency between legal, and sales departments.
Winning in the GC Role
Key Fundamentals for Success as General Counsel.
How To Redline Indemnification and Limitation of Liability Clauses For Tech Transactions
Tips, tricks, insights and strategies to redline and effectively negotiate limitation of liability clauses for tech transactions.
How to Set 2023 Legal Department Goals
Set clear and measurable goals for your legal department
How to Build a Scalable Legal Team for a Large Sales Org
Scale your legal team to support a large sales organization
Key Metrics & KPIs for In-House Counsel
A Guide for In-House Lawyers to Develop and Quantify Their Organizational Value
How To Redline SaaS MSAs And DPAs
Tips on how to effectively review and redline SaaS MSAs and DPAs
Commercial Contracts for In-House Counsel
How to Effectively Negotiate a Limitation of Liability Clause
Best Practices for Negotiating Indemnification in SaaS Contracts
Tips on drafting and negotiating indemnification for SaaS deals
The In-House Counsel Success Guide
Key Strategies and Insights to Jumpstart Your In-House Legal Career
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