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customer story


"Lexion and Lacework share the same values of speed and efficiency, and the same philosophy that customers want to stay in one tool to get their job done." – Joe Colliss, Director, Legal, Lacework

Before Lexion

  • Sales lacked visibility on legal requests 
  • No centralized place for contracting workflows
  • Siloed internal legal work

After Lexion

  • Total visibility with CRM integration
  • A single source of truth across every contract workflow
  • Significant time savings through automation

Lacework closes deals more than 2x faster with Lexion

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Mountain View, CA
Company Size
Products Used
Workflow, Repository, Salesforce Integration, DocuSign Integration, Slack/Teams Integration

Great legal teams implement tools and processes that speed up the sales team’s time-to-close while making everyone’s lives easier. Joe Colliss, Director, Legal at Lacework, leads a great legal team—that has become even greater with the help of Lexion. Colliss explains,  

“High-growth tech companies need fast-moving legal teams—we need to be deal enablers, so acting with speed and visibility is the most important thing we can do. We knew a great contract management tool could help us get there, but we were looking for the right one with enough power to solve our problems end-to-end and enough flexibility to fit our specific use case.”

When he chose Lexion for legal task management, he did it with the entire company in mind.

Lacework needed a platform to support a fast and fluid legal team

Prior to choosing Lexion, Lacework had no CLM in place, which often meant siloed workloads, minimal cross-departmental visibility, and shot-in-the-dark KPIs—none of which were going to cut it if they wanted to keep up with the rest of the high-growth organization. When Colliss licensed Lexion, he also brought on Associate Contracts Manager Lauren McHugh. 

Her role involved responsibilities like simplifying internal legal processes, constructing a system for cross-continental collaboration, and creating visibility for a bustling sales team. In the words of legal icon Elle Woods, “What? Like it’s hard?”

Over the course of their careers, both Colliss and McHugh had suffered through a chronic condition that plagues almost every legal professional: Too-Many Tools-itis. 

“Before Lexion, I was accustomed to leveraging three or four tools to take a task from beginning to end,” she shared. “It wasn’t uncommon to move between tools for tracking, redlining, filing, et cetera.”

Having to move tasks from one tool to another (and another) is annoying. But more importantly, it can cause major roadblocks for the business. 

“Gone are the days of pivoting from tool to tool to complete a task. Lexion allows us to complete all of our work in the same place, resulting in increased visibility for our stakeholders and team members, alike,” said McHugh.

When deciding on the right contract management software for Lacework, consolidating work was top of mind for Colliss. 

“Lexion and Lacework share the same values of speed and efficiency, and the same philosophy that customers want to stay in one tool to get their job done.”

Lexion centralized Lacework’s processes in one intuitive, adaptable system

For an organization like Lacework, with well defined processes and very specific use cases to solve for, finding one seamless, end-to-end contract management tool to meet its needs sounded like a fantasy. With Lexion, Lacework found the magic wand they were looking for. 

The difference? The people behind the product.

“When I joined Lacework, Joe and I both prioritized building out our tools and processes to ensure seamless scalability as we grew,” shared McHugh. “The team at Lexion has played a critical role here, partnering closely with us to solve challenges and build new features - ultimately deepening our use of Lexion.”

“When I made suggestions to their team, they actually listened,” Colliss added. “It seemed like features were added daily.” 

He also explained that as his team and processes evolved, Lacework could easily personalize the system to fit their needs. 

“What I love about the Lexion workflow and approval system is that it’s flexible. I’ve worked with larger contract management companies that are too rigid. In Lexion, if you need to change the workflow, it’s user-friendly enough that you can make changes yourself as often as you need.”

Lacework does more deals in less time with Lexion

Today, Colliss says Lexion is at the center of everything the legal team does — quickly and seamlessly supporting a high-speed sales organization. 

“We now work under a ‘follow the sun’ model,” he shared, “We’ve created a seamless team and can support our organization from anywhere around the globe. Because of the visibility Lexion creates, we no longer have to wait until someone is back from vacation or even until it’s the morning for them if they’re in a different timezone. We can pick up where they left off and get things done.”

The Lacework legal team is thrilled they can work in-step in just one tool, but the folks on the sales team might love Lexion even more (we love you too). 

“Now, our sales team can submit a task, respond to updates on a task, and maintain complete visibility into the status of a task, without leaving their CRM,”  said McHugh. 

Beyond visibility, the sales team has the power to leverage Lexion to move deals forward — saving everyone time. 

“Lexion’s document generation feature enables the sales team to automatically route Lacework’s standard Mutual NDA to prospects, directly from their Salesforce account. Now, in under 30 seconds, our NDA can be generated and sent for signature—without any legal touch.” 

Working in sync with sales and saving time on daily tasks, the Lacework team is up-leveling in ways they hadn’t thought possible.

“One of the most important benefits of Lexion is now we’re able to put more energy into complex tasks,” explained Colliss, “and we can see exactly where we need to put that energy because now we’re tracking clear metrics and KPIs — it’s information the entire company benefits from.”