DPA Teardown

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With data privacy laws constantly evolving or being newly created and every party pushing to use their template, understanding how to review a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) is a muscle we need to work out regularly.

To help you exercise your DPA muscle, we’re bringing together experienced privacy attorneys—who, sadly, have looked at way too many DPAs over their careers—to share the what, why, and how of DPA teardowns. To help you get your reps in, we’ll tear down common DPA clauses together, editing and negotiating.

More exciting than a Fast and Furious movie, get ready for some conditioning on “personal data,” “security incidents,” “subprocessors,” “audits,” and “limitation of liability.” Take that, Vin Diesel.

Key Takeaways:

  • The data type processed, risks, and the specific DPA clauses you should focus on (based on your organization’s role)
  • The issues to consider when reviewing those clauses
  • How you’ll edit those DPA clauses and why