How to Secure a GC Role

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So you want to be a GC? Do you have the right experiences and skills to get the role? Are you sure it’s a job you really want? 

There are many paths to becoming the General Counsel. You'll likely be a legal generalist with expertise in the industry of the company you’re working for and possess strong business acumen. You’ll need to be comfortable speaking confidently and clearly with non-legal executives and operating in the gray, which means addressing issues you’ve never tackled before—even if you’ve been practicing law for several years. You also become responsible for managing outside counsel, setting department KPIs, and building your legal department from scratch. 

All of this sounds intimidating or exciting (depending on who you are)—but at least you’re not billing your time. 

In this CLE webinar, you’ll learn how to secure a GC role from influential GC recruiter Dimitri Mastrocola (Executive Recruiter at Major, Lindsey, & Africa) and experienced GCs Deborah Solmor (Founder of Ready Set GC), and Judi Otteson (GC of Gatik AI). We’re sharing real life stories of wins and lessons learned—so you don’t have to learn the hard way!

Here are some key takeaways:

  • The skills and experiences recruiters are seeking in candidates and that GCs are seeking in a successor and how to reflect them in your resume 
  • The interview answers that will get you a GC offer and the red flags to look for when evaluating opportunities
  • The ways to earn trust and build credibility with the business when you’re sitting at the executive table