The Art of Legal Ops

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Congratulations, you’re running the legal department!

Turns out, running an in-house legal team is very different from the skills you learned working at a law firm or studying at law school.  

What you need is a business and project manager familiar with legal metrics and tools, who also has very strong business acumen. But how do you get the budget and buy-in for this hire? Where do you even find one of these amazing unicorns? And what do you do next?

In this CLE webinar, Jessica Nguyen, Chief Legal Officer at Lexion, will ask these questions and more of Marie Widmer, Senior Legal Operations Manager at HubSpot, Cindy Kaneshiro, Director of Legal Operations and Chief of Staff at Nutanix and Krysta Johnson, Head of Legal Operations at Lexion.  

Key Takeaways:

  • What to look for in a legal operations leader and how to recruit them to your team
  • How to define the responsibilities of the legal ops role to set them—and your department—up for success
  • Which metrics legal ops will track and report on for your legal department