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Accelerate Sales with Lexion and Salesforce

Accelerate Sales with Lexion and Salesforce

Accelerate Sales with Lexion and SalesforcePaxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Picture this. 

It’s the end of the month (or, even worse, the end of the quarter), and your sales team is scrambling to close those last few deals. You’re Slacking like mad, fielding message after message asking, “What’s the status on that contract?” and “Have they signed yet?” Who knows how much time you’ve wasted in the back-and-forth? Who knows how much has been lost in translation?

If there’s one thing you do know, it’s that a contract management system could help. But you’re afraid of the change management that might be required to get the rest of the company onboard. 

Lexion’s intuitive interface and email-driven workflows make change management a thing of the past, and our simple Salesforce integration makes it even easier for sales and legal to work together to accelerate deals and grow your business. Take a look:

What can you do with Lexion and Salesforce?

Accelerate sales by keeping sales in Salesforce. With Lexion, your salespeople won’t have to learn a new platform or adopt cumbersome new processes to collaborate seamlessly with legal. They get to stay in Salesforce where they’re most comfortable, and you get to work from a dashboard that’s purpose-built to meet the needs of legal teams like yours. It’s a win-win.  

Let sales see the status of legal review on each Opportunity. No more “legal black hole,” and no more interruptions. Salespeople can easily check the status of any deal in Salesforce, which updates automatically as contracts move through Lexion. Stuck in business review? Your sales team knows it’s time to make some calls. Ready for signature? Let’s get it done!

Signed contracts are added to Salesforce automatically. Eliminate manual data re-entry and tedious document uploads. As soon as a deal is signed, it appears in Salesforce with key details—including effective dates, expiration dates, and more. Need more? Salespeople can click through from Salesforce to Lexion to see the entire contract and other useful information.

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