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Next Gen Doc Gen: Automate More With Conditional Fields

Next Gen Doc Gen: Automate More With Conditional Fields

Next Gen Doc Gen: Automate More With Conditional FieldsPaxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

“Could you help me draft this simple agreement?” is the contracting equivalent of the meeting that should have been an email. 

In other words, your time would probably (read: definitely) be better spent on other, more important work.

A simple document generation tool can help take templated, low-value, high-volume contracts off your plate, but what happens when things get even just a little bit more complicated?

We added conditional fields to Lexion’s document generation tool for exactly that reason: to help you provide smarter templates that allow your business to self-serve more complex agreements. 

That kind of automation means faster deals for them, and also gives you the freedom to focus on higher value, more strategic work.

Let’s say, for example, that Larry in marketing wants to engage a new technology vendor, NewTechVend, Inc. What Larry doesn’t know is that this simple decision isn’t as easy as just a find and replace; it requires additional, more substantive changes to the contract.

Luckily, Lexion knows.

A contract is being generated without a DPA.

So when Larry notes in the intake form that the technology vendor will be processing personal data, Lexion will add your Data Processing terms to the contract automatically—all without asking you to get involved.

A contract is being generated with a DPA.

And it’s not just Data Processing; Lexion allows you to create conditional logic for any clause, sentence, or even word in your contracts, giving you total control over the agreements your company generates—even when you don’t have to be the one to draft them. 

The Larrys will thank you. Hopefully it’s by email.


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