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Your Lexion clause library, now inside Microsoft Word

Your Lexion clause library, now inside Microsoft Word

Your Lexion clause library, now inside Microsoft WordPaxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

If you’re like most in-house legal professionals, you love a good clause library.

But I’ll tell you what’s not to love: Having to jump between windows to copy and paste clauses from one tool to another, whether it’s Microsoft Word or Excel, Google Docs or Sheets, or some other system entirely. It’s tedious, and a waste of precious time you could be spending on more valuable work.

A well-maintained clause library is a great way to save your favorite clauses and most effective fallbacks. It substantially speeds up drafting and redlining. It makes it easy to standardize your agreements across your organization and manage contract-related risk more efficiently, too.

We added Lexion’s clause library last year to make it easy for users to save clauses directly from contracts stored in Lexion with a click, centralizing critical contract-related information and improving contract consistency by ensuring that every member of the team always has the most recent approved language on hand.

And now, we’ve added the clause library to the Lexion for Word add-in to make it easier than ever to leverage your clause library seamlessly while drafting or redlining—all from inside Microsoft Word.

Drafting a new contract?

With Lexion for Word, you’re never starting from scratch. Inserting your organization’s standard language is as easy as clicking, well, “Insert.” If it’s in your clause library, it can be in your document in seconds. No more staring down the blank white page, and no more Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, (or Command+C, Command+V for all you rebels out there).

Redlining an agreement?

Lexion for Word makes it easy to compare language against your library to see where proposed terms deviate from your preferences. Simply highlight the language in question. Want to make a change? Insert approved fallbacks with ease.

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