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Amy Lund Joins Lexion Customer Advisory Board

Amy Lund Joins Lexion Customer Advisory Board

Amy Lund Joins Lexion Customer Advisory Board Jessica Nguyen
Chief Legal Officer

We are thrilled to share that Amy Lund, Director of Legal Services at RetailNext has joined Lexion's customer advisory board. RetailNext is the worldwide market leader and expert in retail analytics for brick-and-mortar retail, delivering real-time analytics that enable retailers and manufacturers to collect, analyze, and visualize in-store data.

The award for most diligent in selecting a contract management system goes to….Amy.

Amy has been in the market for a contract management system for years. When we first met with Amy, she had a spreadsheet of requirements ready and she was going to vet several solutions. The Lexion team was honored that we made the cut after she narrowed her selection down to three AI-powered contract management solutions to support the lean and efficient RetailNext legal and operations teams.A few words from Amy:

"I spent a decent amount of time testing CLMs in a demo environment, on my own. Other AI-powered CLMs weren't as user friendly as they seemed when the sales rep was running the demo. They also had features that we didn't need or seemed ill-conceived. We chose Lexion because the UI is intuitive for the user and they make search and reporting relatively easy. Bonus, they delivered an organized repository on time."

Wow, her words are powerful, especially that other CLMs “seemed ill-conceived.” Here at Lexion we take extreme pride in the design and usability of our system. For each feature, we think thoughtfully through the lens of our customers to ensure anyone can figure out how to use Lexion and the system solves key pain points.

Don’t be fooled by a slick, shiny, and rehearsed sales demo of another CLM; get a real demo of Lexion instead.

Welcome to the customer advisory board Amy, and thank you for being a Lexion power user and being you!


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