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Diana Cohen Joins Lexion Customer Advisory Board

Diana Cohen Joins Lexion Customer Advisory Board

Diana Cohen Joins Lexion Customer Advisory BoardJessica Nguyen
Chief Legal Officer

We’re thrilled to share that Diana Cohen has joined our Customer Advisory Board!

Our team is particularly excited to have Diana join our customer advisory board because of the breadth and depth of Diana’s experience, her invaluable and pragmatic perspective, and the critical voice she’ll play on behalf of all Lexion customers to ensure Lexion’s contract management system solves real pain points.

At Lexion, we are customer-obsessed.

A little about Diana Cohen

Diana Cohen (formerly Diana Young) is an experienced in-house counsel who’s worked at a range of both public and private companies, including one of the largest legal teams in Korea. Her practice covers a wide scope including commercial contracts, licensing, corporate governance, intellectual property, compliance, privacy, employment, and M&A matters.

She now serves as Head of Legal and Compliance at Abstract, a Series C start-up that provides a groundbreaking design collaboration and management platform to its 5,000 global enterprise teams. Diana is also the only in-house counsel at Abstract so she understands that start-up life requires wearing multiple hats - fortunately, she thrives in a fast-paced environment. She was recently featured in a article about how in-house leaders are coping with more pressure and less resources.

A few words from Diana:

“When you are a part of a legal team of one, that also means operationalizing efficiency across different departments’ legal needs. Enter Lexion, the CMS platform that brings in AI capability that will not only help legal but the sales, compliance, accounting, and operational teams become more nimble, informed, and mobilized. Lexion has the key integrations with third parties that a small company like Abstract needs to collaborate in the sales cycle, execute contracts, and any follow-up, including renewals and audits. Lexion’s powerful reporting also offers a swathe of valuable information at Abstract’s fingerprints. We look forward to implementing the solution across the company.”

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