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Vi Duong Joins Lexion Customer Advisory Board

Vi Duong Joins Lexion Customer Advisory Board

Vi Duong Joins Lexion Customer Advisory Board Jessica Nguyen
Chief Legal Officer

We’re thrilled to share that Vi Duong has joined our Customer Advisory Board!

Vi has a seasoned career of managing the complex world of contracts, but more importantly, she’s strategic (understands the big picture and the critical role that contracts and the legal function play for a business), business-minded, and a thoughtful person. Our team is excited to have her serve on our customer advisory board because we have already been the beneficiary of Vi’s detailed feedback coupled with the “why” for her feedback.

A little about Vi Duong

Vi is a startup attorney with a diverse background that ranges from drafting intellectual property licenses to negotiating data processing terms. She was part of a team that acquired, managed, and licensed more than 30 thousand invention assets as well as creating spin-off companies. She focused on negotiating research and development contracts, intellectual property licenses, and joint venture agreements.

Vi currently leads the legal team at Adswerve, a leading Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud consultancy, that helps thousands of marketers, agencies, analysts, and publishers connect with their customers through data-driven strategies. Her legal team works closely with other Adswerve teams to manage and ensure compliance with thousands of contracts. Vi leveraged her practicality and analytical acumen to support her company's tripling in size while expanding her team and equipping them with the right tools to succeed.

A few words from Vi:

"Lexion is a must-have tool for any legal department. Lexion provides visibility across the entire contract portfolio by making the task of tracking and reporting on key contract terms achievable and, actually, fun to do. The visibility we have into our contracts helps us reduce risks and ensures that we meet our contractual obligations to our clients. The Lexion team has clearly devoted tremendous effort to provide customers favorable user experience. The user interface is seamless and intuitive. Our team is very excited to have Lexion and look forward to integrating Lexion with other tools we use to better support our clients."

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