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Improved DocuSign Integration Goes Beyond Your Envelopes

Improved DocuSign Integration Goes Beyond Your Envelopes

Improved DocuSign Integration Goes Beyond Your EnvelopesPaxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Modern business and esignatures go together like peanut butter and peanut butter: They’re synonymous.

For a lot of companies, that means DocuSign.

Most contract lifecycle management solutions (CLMs) can automatically retrieve and file fully executed agreements from DocuSign envelopes that you send. However, those CLMs can’t do the same for documents sent to you by others with DocuSign. That would be okay if you were only interested in tracking agreements you initiate, but we both know that’s not how business works. 

Without a complete repository, your CLM can’t show you the total picture of your liabilities and obligations. That means any reporting is incomplete, too—and any decisions you make because of those reports may be misinformed. 

Of course, you could download and file those third-party documents manually, but isn’t eliminating busywork like that one of the key reasons you invested in a CLM in the first place?

Enter Lexion: your knight in filing armor.

With our latest update, Lexion can now record and file any agreement you enter into via DocuSign, whether it’s in an envelope you control or one belonging to another party.

In addition to making it easy to prepare, send, sign, and file agreements without leaving Lexion, that means our DocuSign integration ensures your AI-powered repository is always up to date on your complete legal picture. Track and report on what’s in your contracts with the confidence that only comes from knowing you aren’t missing anything.

The best part? You don’t have to do a thing to make it happen.

Want to see Lexion’s seamless DocuSign integration in action? Check out this quick, 90-second video.

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