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Doing More With Less During Coronavirus Times

Doing More With Less During Coronavirus Times

Doing More With Less During Coronavirus TimesJessica Nguyen
Chief Legal Officer

Do more with less, and do it better and faster. Does this sound familiar?

Our Chief Legal Officer, Jessica Nguyen, has a lot of first-hand experience with the challenge of trying to scale legal operations and attempting to manage a heavy workload with limited resources. The impact of the pandemic on revenue projections of companies that operating budgets were based on has made this issue and pressure more pronounced - especially for in-house legal departments. Jessica recently posted on her LinkedIn page about this topic and it struck a nerve with so many individuals, the post went viral (more than 23,000 views to date).

You've got to ruthlessly prioritize. recently interviewed Jessica about the growing mandate for legal departments to do more with less and the need to ruthlessly prioritize now more than ever. You can read the full interview here.

What didn’t make the article for brevity was their discussion about the future composition of legal departments including less attorneys and more contract managers and legal operations analysts and specialists, and the growing use of technology and automation to handle administrative tasks that shouldn’t be done by expensive legal resources (experienced contract managers are often paid six figure salaries), such as retrieving copies of contracts, which inspired us to build the chatbot for Slack.

Jessica also shares some quick tips to scale your legal operations in this Linkedin Post.

We hope you enjoy the interview. If you'd like to learn how Lexion can help you increase your productivity, accelerate your operations, and save you time and money, schedule a demo with us.


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