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"Easy to use" should be easy to implement

"Easy to use" should be easy to implement

"Easy to use" should be easy to implementPaxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

If you’re in the market for a new contract lifecycle management solution (CLM), then you’ve probably heard from multiple providers now how intuitive and easy to use their systems are. 

We’ll let demos and live trials be the judge of that. Spoiler alert: Few CLMs are as easy to use as they look when a trained salesperson is showing them off.

But here’s a question: Why should something “so easy to use” take tens of thousands of dollars in onboarding and consulting fees, months of engineering work, near-endless hours of training for your internal stakeholders, and dedicated IT staff to implement and maintain?

Another spoiler alert: It shouldn’t.

Not only is Lexion incredibly easy to use, but it’s incredibly easy to implement, too. Unlike cumbersome enterprise systems and other contracting platforms, Lexion requires no data mapping or complicated configuration, so it’s up and running in no time (and saving you time).

Customer quote: Lexion is also extremely intuitive, and you don't need an expensive or time-consuming implementation or consulting engagement to get started.

Instant task management

How soon can you start using Lexion to track requests, collaborate on contracts, and move deals forward faster? Instantly.

Workflow is ready to go out of the box, so you can take advantage of intuitive task management purpose-built for legal teams from the day you buy it. Yes, you read that right: You can be up and running the very same day.

  • Instantly generate and sign contracts
  • Capture approvals easily
  • See all open tasks at a glance
  • Earn trust with key metrics and reporting
  • Guarantee adoption with email-based workflows 

After all, you’re choosing to invest in a CLM because you need help. The sooner it actually starts helping, the better. 

Fast following repository

Not long after, you’ll receive access to your AI-powered Repository.

You can share your contracts with Lexion one of several ways: by sharing access to your file storage system (e.g. Google Drive, SharePoint, Box, or Dropbox), uploading your contracts to our secure SFTP server, or by dropping them in an Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure bucket and granting our team access. We’ll upload your templates and tracked terms, too, to ensure your repository speaks your contracting language.

Customer quote: The initial set-up was fast. I submitted my documents to Lexion and once the system digested the details and the Lexion team reviewed the setup parameters according to my contract style, it was literally less than a week to see it all in Lexion.

I say “we” because Lexion handles onboarding on the house. No third parties, and no additional fees.

In a matter of weeks, it’s organized, populated, and ready to go. 

  • Create a powerful single source of truth
  • Save time with industry-leading AI
  • Be proactive with automatic reminders and alerts
  • Find what you’re looking for fast with instant search

Why weeks? Because our team needs time to customize its file structure to fit the way you work, ingest your contracts with AI and extract key language, clauses, and other information, and double-check the results to make sure everything is working as it should be. 

Simple setup and self-serve integrations

Adding users, setting permissions, configuring intake forms, and creating templates is simple. Want to connect Lexion to your other software and systems? You can do that yourself, too.

Customer quote: Lexion is by far the easiest to implement contract management solution. I only needed IT to link our active directory to get SSO linked. I was able to launch the system within my company through a simple email announcement with minimal instructions: email this new Lexion address instead of individual attorneys if you have a legal review/approval task.

Lexion makes communicating across platforms and departments simple with a few quick clicks. Set up integrations with your key systems in minutes:

  • Email
  • Salesforce
  • DocuSign
  • Adobe Acrobat Sign
  • HelloSign
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Okta

Have less common (or even custom systems) that your CLM must play nicely with? Lexion’s feature-rich, secure, and robust APIs can easily be connected to other systems, too.

Easy. Peasy. Lemon squeezy.

See for yourself with a demo.


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