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Employee Spotlight: Kevin Sayson, Account Executive and Marathon Runner

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Sayson, Account Executive and Marathon Runner

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Sayson, Account Executive and Marathon RunnerLaleh Hassibi
Vice President of Marketing

Here at Lexion, we understand that our company would be nothing without our talented employees working behind the scenes. In our fully remote work environment, water cooler talk is replaced by Slack channels about cooking, pets, and vacations. And Zoom backgrounds replace office cubicle style as the way we express our personalities. Even with new challenges in how we work together we have managed to build a cohesive team that navigates this unusual time to work amazingly well together.

Starting this week, Lexion begins an Employee Spotlight Series to showcase the hardworking team members that make Lexion who we are. To kick off this new series, I’m proud to present Kevin Sayson, Senior Account Executive and marathon runner!

Kevin Sayson, Senior Account Executive

What do you do at Lexion?

As a Senior Account Executive I help in-house legal teams realize they can manage their contracts more efficiently and effectively with Lexion!

What three words best describe success in your job?

  • Listen
  • Relate
  • Grit

What was your first job?

I worked at the mall, at a store called Finish Line. Mostly selling shoes! 

What’s in your Zoom background and why?

It's a wall in our guest bedroom that consists of Seattle sports memorabilia. Not only am I a lifelong Seattle sports fan, but I think each item represents a special and fun time in my life that was shared with either family or friends. 

We know you love your job at Lexion, but what do you like to do when you’re not working?

Both my wife and I come from big Filipino families. So it's almost always someone's birthday, graduation, or some other type of occasion. I find myself getting requests to cook for these events more often now too because I love to cook! 

We also try to travel as much as we can and we also have two Beagles at home that keep us busy. But other than that, I have most recently gotten into long distance running and boxing. Most notably, I was selected to run in the New York City Marathon this November! 

Why did you choose to come work at Lexion?

The idea of helping grow a business and a sales team was what attracted me most. Organizations I’ve been at in the past already had processes and plans in place prior to me getting there, so I was always told what to do rather than being asked to share my thoughts on what we should do. 

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self about success in sales?

Don’t get too low and don’t get too high. As long as you work hard, stay positive and keep smiling, everything will work out in the end. 

Tell us a fun fact about you

I can name all the State Capitals! Test me anytime. 

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