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No surprises, just gratitude: Lexion's Fall 2023 G2 Awards

No surprises, just gratitude: Lexion's Fall 2023 G2 Awards

No surprises, just gratitude: Lexion's Fall 2023 G2 Awards

Nine times out of ten, getting word you’ve won an award is a pleasant surprise.

But when G2 announced its awards for Fall 2023—and that Lexion had been recognized for its outstanding value across Contract Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, and Contract Analytics—we weren’t surprised. 

Honored? Absolutely. Thrilled? Completely. But not surprised. Why?

From the beginning, we’ve kept our focus on building a tool that addresses the pain points legal teams and businesses most need solved—with a simple, flexible operations workflow and contracting platform that works the way they do. With that being our focus, to be recognized for easy implementation, great usability, and ROI just makes sense.

This recognition from G2 lets us know those investments are translating to real value for our customers—and we’re thrilled to see that customers are happy to spread the word. G2 awards its badges based on real customer feedback, which makes wins like these even more meaningful. 

From customers' mouths to G2's badges

From implementation and ease of use through ROI and support, the badges Lexion received in G2’s Fall 2023 grid reports tell one complete story. 

Fast to get started (like very fast)

The contract management and contract lifecycle management categories are plagued by stories of long, drawn-out implementations, lasting anywhere from a few months to more than a year. For teams trying to take control of their contracting processes, that’s too long to wait.

We built Lexion to be iterative, so that companies of all sizes can immediately improve their intake, task management, and contract storage processes from day one, and then layer on more advanced modules and capabilities as needs arise. 

Most customers are live in just 1-4 weeks as a result. Some even do it in a matter of days. The Most Implementable badge reflects these stories, which we hear repeatedly from customers of all sizes and industries—and which they’re happy to share on G2, too.

“Lexion is super easy to set up and get running—we were on Lexion within 3 days.”
– Noga R.

In fact, we’re so confident new customers will have a great experience implementing Lexion that we recently released our implementation guarantee: You’ll be up and running within 60 days, or you’ll have your money back.

Fast to learn and use—for everybody, not just legal

Okay, so you’ve got your new CLM up and running. For a lot of companies and platforms, the next hurdle is getting people to actually use it. But the fact is nobody wants to learn a new tool. Lucky for you (and them) we built Lexion to work the way businesses do, so nobody has to learn a new tool to radically improve their contracting processes and accelerate deals.

Easy integrations with email, Microsoft Teams and Slack, Salesforce and HubSpot, and other key systems mean most business users may never even know that Lexion exists. They work with legal the way they always have—from the tools they know and love.

“I've found Lexion to be extremely intuitive, easy to set up, and easy to get my business partners using.”
– Verified User in Medical Devices 

Fast to show value in more ways than one

The Best Est. ROI badge is awarded based on the combination of estimated time to go live and estimated time to achieve ROI, and when you build a platform that’s incredibly easy to implement and use, it’s no wonder teams can start extracting value immediately.

“Lexion makes order out of contract chaos. Managing our contract tasks across the company in one place helps us make sure that nothing gets dropped and everybody has visibility into task status and other information.”
– Jeremy S.

And it’s not just quick ROI, either; Lexion is easy enough to self-configure without formal training or IT support. As needs and processes evolve, or as legal teams receive feedback from business users, they can easily modify and streamline their processes further.

That means fast ROI now, and sustained return on your investment for years to come.

Outstanding support, today and tomorrow

And how does Lexion ensure that you’ll continue to get value out of Lexion as your needs and business grow? By being incredibly easy to work with, and by offering the best support in the business.

“The best part of Lexion is not just the platform itself, but the AMAZING support that you obtain from the beginning of the installation until the training about the platform to the rest of the company. I have never seen such a supportive company that really listens to your needs and never complains about all the meetings that we need to set up in order to clarify any questions that we could have.”
– Katia D.

Can't stop us now

And when you build a powerful platform that’s simple to implement, easy to use, quick to provide value, and with incredible support—customers can’t help talking about it. The Momentum Leader badge recognizes the leading products in each category, a reflection of the company’s growth—and customers’ voices.

Thanks to our customers, who make it possible

Recognition like this doesn’t happen on its own. It’s thanks all of the customers who’ve made Lexion an integral part of their contracting processes and business workflows.

If you’re among them: Thank you. It means a lot to see that the work we put into the product to make it quick and easy to start using translates to value for you—and that you want to tell others about it.

Want a closer look?

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