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The Fastest Way to Get Deals Done Right

The Fastest Way to Get Deals Done Right

The Fastest Way to Get Deals Done RightGaurav Oberoi
Chief Executive Officer, Founder

For years, we’ve been focused on building a contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform that legal teams would love—one that would make them happy, productive, and valued. And it’s worked!

Between its AI-powered Repository and incredibly intuitive Workflow, Lexion and in-house legal teams became fast friends.

All the while, as we’ve grown, something else has happened: Other teams have fallen in love with Lexion, too. 

From legal tech to ops acceleration

Sales teams love the way Lexion helps them close more deals in less time. Procurement loves how easy it makes managing vendor contracts. Finance loves how it streamlines revenue recognition. HR loves how it helps them soar through employment agreements. 

The list goes on and on, but I won’t.

We set out to build Lexion for happy, productive, and valued legal teams, but it’s become increasingly clear that we’ve built much more than that.

This month, we’ve updated our brand to better align our message with how Lexion is actually being used. Our product is much more than great legal tech, it’s a way to bring your operations into the modern age—supported by a world-class AI model. 

It’s all about getting deals done right, faster. 

This vision reflects what we’ve built so far and where we’re going next.

Lexion is the fastest way to get deals done right

Every team wants deals done fast—whether it’s turning prospects into customers, onboarding new vendors, signing new employees, fast tracking upgrades to critical infrastructure, and more.

At the center of every one of those deals is a contract. And every one of those contracts undergoes a very similar process, whether it’s a customer order, or an employment offer letter: intake, drafting, negotiation, approvals, reporting, signing, tracking in systems of record (like Salesforce or Netsuite), etc.

Ease is speed. When the contract process is easy, deals move faster—not just for legal, but for sales, finance, procurement, HR, IT, and every team—and Lexion is incredibly easy.

Any team can start using Lexion instantly.

Our intuitive, email-driven intake and workflows are so easy that anybody can use Lexion out of the box (and they frequently do). Lexion can grow with your organization, too, so you can adopt new functionality as business demands it.

The interface works the way you think.

We are obsessively customer-focused. We build the features that businesses need to streamline contracting and accelerate deals—like our No-Code Workflow Automation, released just last month—and we make them easy to use so that customers can see value immediately.

Our award-winning AI really works.

Lexion was founded at the world-class Allen Institute for AI. Our homegrown, award-winning AI was built from the ground up to solve real business challenges. Because we created our own NLP models, we’re continuously experimenting and improving our foundation with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

More than contract lifecycle management 

We may have launched Lexion for legal teams, but deal acceleration is for everyone. 

We’re excited for what’s next—not because it marks the beginning of a markedly new chapter, but because it’s a chance to continue to build on what we’ve already started.

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