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What does it take to be the first lawyer for a company?

What does it take to be the first lawyer for a company?

What does it take to be the first lawyer for a company?Jessica Nguyen
Chief Legal Officer

Are you curious to know the characteristics that make a successful and happy first in-house attorney hire for a company?

If yes, check out's interview of our Chief Legal Officer, Jessica Nguyen, who is the first in-house attorney hire at Lexion and was the first in-house attorney for two other hyper-growth technology companies, Avalara and PayScale.

It's OK if being the first in-house attorney for a company isn't right for you and doesn't sound appealing - there are law school graduates that make great lawyers at law firms or large corporations, trial lawyers (e.g., prosecutors or public defenders), law professors, politicians, or lawyers that don't practice law at all anymore (e.g., many become business executives or leadership coaches).

Read the interview on to see if the life of a startup lawyer speaks to you.

At Lexion, we're happy to have Jessica on board to serve as the champion of the customer. She understands and lives our customer's pain points and use case. Jessica is a great partner to help Lexion build and shape a “product that legal teams actually need and love to use to solve real business pain points.”

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