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G2’s Fall 2022 Awards: Lexion really is that easy to use — for everyone

G2’s Fall 2022 Awards: Lexion really is that easy to use — for everyone

G2’s Fall 2022 Awards: Lexion really is that easy to use — for everyoneJen Patterson
Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Writing an entire blog post about receiving recognition might seem a little self-indulgent. Shouldn’t we just be able to pat ourselves on the back and get on with our day? 



Most of the time. 

What’s different about receiving badges from leading software business review site G2 from other kinds of awards is they’re based on our actual customers' reviews, which means that feedback comes from our most cherished audience. Who cares what anyone else says if our customers aren’t happy? 

And with that feedback, the fine folks at G2 analyze our performance in relation to the greater market. So we get psyched when G2 badges come out because we learn what we’re doing well, where we’re improving, and where to focus our efforts to create an even better customer experience.

So which badges did we win, and what did we learn about ourselves? We’re especially pleased to share about 3 of them — and here’s why.

A leader in contract management software

Lexion’s continued success in the contract management category is an essential measurement of how the marketplace receives our core product. We’ve moved from ‘High Performer' in this category to ‘Leader,’ which signals that we’ve earned both high ratings and a strong market presence. 

Regarding our growing market presence, our Chief Legal Officer, Jessica Nguyen, shared, “Fewer people have heard of Lexion because we simply don’t have the same large marketing budget as our competitors. But our name is starting to stick because when we make a promise like ‘easy to ‘ or ‘simple to use’ — it’s not just marketing — we mean it. And we show that by incorporating customer feedback into our product.”

"Our name is starting to stick because when we make a promise like, ‘easy to implement’ or ‘simple to use’ — it’s not just marketing — we mean it.”

The easiest to use Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool

As Jessica said, ‘easy to use’ is a promise thrown around a lot in the CLM world. But at Lexion, it’s our North Star. After all, a CLM tool that’s too complicated doesn’t get used at all. 

This quarter, we earned the badge for Easiest to Use for Mid-Market, and we couldn’t be more proud to see our efforts here reflected because it’s ingrained in our product development. Need more proof? We asked our Principal Product Manager, Chris Mathews, and here’s what he had to say:

“Every product decision we make is born from a real customer need. As an example, we’ve invested heavily in reducing the change management required to get a CLM up and running. The best CLM is the one you use, and most CLMs are not plug-and-play. We listened to GCs who asked for something better, and we put our money where our mouth is. We also use Lexion ourselves to manage our contract lifecycle, so we experience the same benefits and pains that our customers do.”

The easiest to do business with for Enterprise organizations

In-house legal is a complicated industry — the challenges our clients face today will look very different than what’s on their plate tomorrow. And these complexities only increase as organizations grow, which makes scaling legal challenging because the only answer seems like hiring more people, but we know this isn’t the case.

We get a lot of pride in seeing legal teams that support large organizations scale with the right tools and systems in place, and it’s an incredible honor to earn the Easiest to do Business With for Enterprises badge. For us, this reflects our commitment to the legal community and our deep understanding of the value of efficient legal teams. Legal isn’t a cost center but a strategic business partner. 

Each Lexion G2 award for Fall 2022

While we’re excited to share the bigger picture story about the above 3 awards, we’re incredibly proud of each of the 10 badges we earned. Here’s a look at the full list:

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a review on G2, and if you’re a Lexion user who hasn’t had the chance to share feedback, we’d love to hear what you have to say!


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