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Guaranteed implementation? Count on it.

Guaranteed implementation? Count on it.

Guaranteed implementation? Count on it.Paxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying that “nothing is certain except death and taxes.”

If he’d lived long enough to procure a contract lifecycle management (CLM) system, he might’ve added “slow and painful CLM implementation” to that list.

Ask any member of an in-house legal team, and they’ll probably have at least one implementation horror story to share. It’s not as surprising as you’d think, given that many say the failure rate for CLM implementation can be as high as 50%.

Reasons for failure vary, from the heavy technical lift required to actually install the system to the complexity of getting the system set up in a way that suits your stakeholders and processes—and many, many more.

It’s too bad Benjamin didn’t live to see Lexion.

Lexion’s money-back implementation guarantee

In a world where so many CLM implementations are as likely to fail as they are to succeed, we’re proud to guarantee that new customers will be up and running in Lexion within 60 days, or we’ll give their money back.

What does that mean? Inside of 60 days, customers can count on:

  • Setup of Lexion’s email intake system to allow stakeholders to create tasks and submit requests simply by sending an email.
  • Creation of custom intake forms to make gathering key details required to keep deals moving forward simple. 
  • Integration with key business systems to streamline collaboration across platforms by letting everybody work where they’re comfortable and productive. 
  • Ingestion of existing data and contracts to create a single source of truth for every deal and document across your organization.

(And sure, there’s a little fine print, but only because what’s implemented will depend on what you’ve purchased, and we need you to let us know how you’d like your system set up—and because we’ve got a very good legal team.)

Built for speed from the ground up

From the beginning, we’ve prioritized making Lexion easy to set up, simple to learn and use, and quick to show value.

Iterative implementation

Unlike other systems, which take a “big bang” approach to implementation, requiring everything be set up before you flip the switch, you can start using Lexion instantly to field requests, prioritize tasks, and collaborate with stakeholders. As your needs change and processes evolve, you can layer on additional modules and capabilities to support them.

Minimal change management

With Lexion, nobody needs to learn a new tool to improve the way you work. Legal gets a platform purpose-built to accelerate their workflows and that fits their processes like a glove, and business users can continue to submit contract requests the way they always have—with a simple email, or from the tools they’re already using, like Salesforce or HubSpot.

Easy system administration

Some CLMs require dedicated headcount or IT support when you’d like to make even seemingly small changes. Not Lexion. It’s easy to maintain and modify without any formal training, so you can make updates and optimize workflows yourself to streamline processes as you go. Lexion grows with you.

Together with best-in-class AI and other powerful features, they add up to quick time-to-value, and a system that’s ready to go much sooner than you’d expect.

Lexion’s 60-day money-back implementation guarantee is not so much a case of having to put our money where our mouths are. It’s finally putting our mouths where our money’s always been.

A long history of making short work of implementation 

Swing by Lexion’s G2 profile, and you’ll find loads of customers with similar stories to tell, from getting up and running in just three days to seamless migration from other platforms to easy adoption with business stakeholders to outstanding support throughout (and beyond) implementation and many, many more.

Benjamin might say we caught lightning in a bottle.

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