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Lexion’s Instant Contracts Help Sales Help Themselves

Lexion’s Instant Contracts Help Sales Help Themselves

Lexion’s Instant Contracts Help Sales Help ThemselvesPaxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

When it comes to getting simple NDAs and other high-volume, low-value contracts out the door, involving legal can slow things down. Then again, they’re simple enough that you shouldn’t need to be involved anyway. And honestly, wouldn’t you rather be spending your time on more valuable work?

Good news: With Lexion, you can.

Lexion helps teams across your business self-service simple contracts. That’s right: with Instant Contracts, they can generate, prepare, sign, and file their own agreements from the templates you provide—all without having to bother legal.

It’s a win-win. For legal teams, Instant Contracts means

  • No more wasted time drafting what should be simple, templated agreements
  • Automate the tedious, manual work of preparing documents for signature
  • Freedom to focus on higher value, more strategic projects by helping sales, marketing, and other teams help themselves

And for sales and other teams? 

  • Accelerate deals by removing the legal request process and getting straight to airtight, legal-approved agreements
  • Take control of your sales cycle by sending the agreements you need exactly when you need them

Did we say win-win? We meant win-win-win-win-win.

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