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Celebrating Innovation in Law: Jessica Nguyen Receives the 2023 APEX Award

Celebrating Innovation in Law: Jessica Nguyen Receives the 2023 APEX Award

Celebrating Innovation in Law: Jessica Nguyen Receives the 2023 APEX AwardRachel Cottam
Head of Content

We’re so thrilled to celebrate Lexion’s CLO, Jessica Nguyen, as the winner of the Legal Innovation APEX Award. The Washington State Bar recognized Jessica for being a pioneer and catalyst for change in the landscape of legal technology.

Learn a bit about her journey and the contributions that have earned her this prestigious accolade.

Jessica Nguyen—Experienced lawyer, Legal tech innovator 

Jessica's career began at a small startup, where she honed her skills by negotiating numerous contracts and building essential processes from the ground up. Her path eventually led her to Microsoft, where her business acumen and eagerness to learn made a lasting impression. Colleagues fondly remember her as someone who consistently sought ways to improve processes and enhance client interactions.

“Jessica, I am so proud of you for getting this legal Innovation Apex award! You've never been just legal, you've been legal plus. I cannot wait to see the amazing things you create.”

—Catherine Romero, Senior Attorney at Microsoft

At Microsoft, Jessica's innovative mindset led her to actively participate in beta testing the products her team developed. She didn't stop there; she closely monitored competitors' offerings to ensure her clients received the best value.

What sets Jessica apart is her holistic approach to her role. She recognized the potential of technology to streamline legal processes and deliver more value to clients. Her experiences working with companies of all sizes, especially startups, revealed how technology could be harnessed to scale operations effectively.

Driven by her passion for improving the legal profession, Jessica joined us here at Lexion, where she collaborates with top engineers and AI experts to create solutions tailored to real-world legal challenges. Her unique ability to bridge the gap between legal professionals and technology experts ensures that our tools are practical—tested by a “power user.”

“When people look back at this period in technology they will see that there's a huge rise in Legal Tech investment, and when they look at the people who are really pushing the technology forward and educating other lawyers about what's possible—Jessica is absolutely going to be one of those people.”

—Gaurav Oberoi, CEO of Lexion

The impact of Jessica's work is profound, as AI and technology continue to revolutionize the legal field. By expediting contract analysis and improving the contracting process, she is making attorneys' lives more efficient and fulfilling.

Congratulations Jessica, on this well-deserved honor!


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