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Lexion CTO Talk with Rsqrd AI - ML Tooling at an AI-first Startup

Lexion CTO Talk with Rsqrd AI - ML Tooling at an AI-first Startup

We at Lexion deliver a lot of value to our customers using AI. Unlike many other contract management systems, AI is not an after the fact bolt-on, but a core part of Lexion's infrastructure, our team’s background, and who we are.

Fun fact: we spun out of the Paul Allen Institute for AI (AI2).

To do so, we've had to constantly evolve our AI infrastructure and technology to address the growing customer needs and complexity. In this blog post, Rsqrd AI summarizes the talk our CTO Emad Elwany gave to the AI community about our journey of building an AI-first startup, and the lessons we learned as we built our machine learning tooling to enable and empower legal teams to do more.

Check out the blog article on Rsqrd AI or watch the video.

Rsqrd is a community of AI builders (engineers, scientists, product managers, and more) who are committed to making AI technology robust and responsible. Rsqrd regularly organizes community events to share knowledge and collaborate on best practices for enterprise-scale AI development.

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