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Lexion featured in Puget Sound Business Journal

Lexion featured in Puget Sound Business Journal

Lexion featured in Puget Sound Business JournalJessica Nguyen
Chief Legal Officer

Lexion is honored to be featured in this week's issue of the Puget Sound Business Journal with a special report on AI.

The journal summarized our mission well: "Lexion's artificial intelligence-powered tool aims to help productivity among smaller legal teams without big budgets." We understand that legal teams are continually asked to do more for less and also do more work better and faster, so we are focused on plugging the productivity gap and offering teams an intuitive, pragmatic, and affordable tool.

Here's an excerpt from our interview with the journal included in the article:

"The advent of Excel didn’t eliminate the need for financial advisers or accounting teams, Lexion CEO Gaurav Oberoi said. Rather, it eliminated the rote work they used to do and freed their time so they could focus on more interesting tasks."

Artificial intelligence is the modern-day parallel to that, and Oberoi’s company is working to catalyze that change for legal teams at middle-market companies.

Lexion is an AI-powered contract management system that helps in-house legal teams streamline operations. The tool takes contracts in PDF or Word formats, pulls out text or information from images, and then algorithms identify topics within various chunks of material and extract relevant information. The aim is not to replace a lawyer, paralegal or contract manager, but eliminate the time they spend on manual tasks."

The full Puget Sound Business Journal article can be accessed at this link:


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