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Lexion + HubSpot: The Fastest Way for Sales and Legal to Get Deals Done

Lexion + HubSpot: The Fastest Way for Sales and Legal to Get Deals Done

Lexion + HubSpot: The Fastest Way for Sales and Legal to Get Deals DonePaxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Every business works differently, all the way down to the tools they use to get the job done (whatever that job is).

Until recently, most sales teams lacked a streamlined way of working with legal to negotiate terms and close deals. That often meant a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth.

Sales emailed legal and waited to hear back. Legal followed up for more info. Sales copied and pasted that info from HubSpot (or, worse, retyped it) for legal, wasting time that could be better spent following up on leads and locking down deals.

And when things finally did start moving, with no visibility into the legal process, sales was left to Slack and email incessantly, asking things like “what’s up with my deal?” and “have they signed yet” and “hey, did you get my last few messages?”

What’s worse, organizations looking to scale their sales teams to keep up with demand were forced to hire additional legal support, too. 

Lexion’s new seamless integration for HubSpot changes all of that, all while allowing you to scale your sales team without having to add legal headcount. 

Integrating HubSpot with Lexion is the fastest way for sales and legal to get deals done.

It gives sales and legal teams the powerful tools they need to accelerate deals, increase visibility, and automate away tedious, manual work—all with sales working entirely in their favorite CRM (and without having to change the way they work), and legal working from a platform that’s purpose-built for them.

Accelerate deals

Sales and legal spend a lot of time working with sub-optimal processes. It’s not their fault; it’s the way their systems are built. Leaving your CRM to get help from legal wastes valuable time that could be better spent following up with prospects or finding new leads.

With Lexion’s HubSpot integration, sales can quickly and easily submit legal requests, generate and send their own NDAs and other agreements from legal-approved templates, and collaborate with legal and other key stakeholders—all without leaving the HubSpot deal. Getting to “Closed Won” never went so fast.

Increase visibility

There’s no reason sales should have to leave HubSpot to get the latest on their deals as they make their way through legal (and legal shouldn’t have to drop everything they’re doing to provide manual, realtime updates). Are the redlines ready to go? Have we sent the contract for signature? Has the counterparty reviewed?

Everybody should just know, and with Lexion and HubSpot, they do.

Lexion makes it easy to keep your team on the same page by embedding Lexion’s task activity, message history, signature status, and relevant documents inside the HubSpot deal. Whether it’s the latest contract you’re looking for or an update on where your document stands, you don’t even have to ask—you’ve already got it.

Automate more

Tedious, manual work isn’t anybody’s friend.

HubSpot and Lexion sync key deal details and documents automatically, so there’s no need to re-enter duplicate information or go through the motions of downloading and re-uploading documents between platforms.

Intake forms for legal requests pull key deal details from HubSpot automatically, so getting help from legal is quick and easy—and with far fewer chances for costly, embarrassing mistakes.

Want a faster way for sales and legal to get deals done? 

See what Lexion and HubSpot can do to help you close deals faster by scheduling your demo today

Oh, and one more thing: Use Salesforce? Lexion has a seamless CRM integration for you, too.


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