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Lexion Now With Adobe Acrobat Sign

Lexion Now With Adobe Acrobat Sign

Lexion Now With Adobe Acrobat SignPaxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

From the beginning, we’ve always believed that revolutionizing your contract management process shouldn’t require radically overhauling the way your team and company operate. That’s why we’ve put so much effort into making Lexion the easiest CMS to implement and adopt company-wide, from its email-driven workflows to its simple user interface. 

And it’s why we’re proud to announce we’ve gone through the rigor of building a seamless integration with Acrobat Sign: because companies that use and love Adobe’s e-signature system shouldn’t have to jump through extra hoops to execute a contract securely and reliably. (And yes, there’s an acrobat joke in there somewhere…)

With Acrobat Sign, Lexion makes it easy to take control of your entire contract lifecycle from one intuitive dashboard. Send contracts for review and e-signature directly from Lexion. After signature with Acrobat Sign, they’ll automatically be filed in your intelligent Lexion Repository, where you can store, search, track, analyze, and report to your heart’s (or your C-suite’s heart’s) content.

For more, find Lexion on Adobe Exchange.


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