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From Quote to Contract in No Time with Lexion and Salesforce CPQ

From Quote to Contract in No Time with Lexion and Salesforce CPQ

From Quote to Contract in No Time with Lexion and Salesforce CPQJason Ng
Associate Product Marketing Manager

Salesforce CPQ helps sales create complex quotes fast. Oftentimes, however, before those quotes go out the door, they need to be added to a separate document with complete terms.

That might mean copying and pasting from your quote into a contract (or, worse, retyping details completely). It’s slow, tedious, and chock full of opportunities for error that can slow down deals or result in costly mistakes. 

Get from quote to contract in no time with Lexion’s new Salesforce CPQ integration

Lexion’s Salesforce integration helps sales get deals done fast by making it easy to submit requests and get the information and updates they need—all without leaving Salesforce, and without learning a new tool or process.

And now, with additional support for Salesforce CPQ, your sales team can optimize the path from quote to signed contract by generating order forms and other sell-side agreements inside Lexion from custom quotes in CPQ, route for approval, and even send for signature—all automatically. 

Accelerate every deal

With Lexion and Salesforce CPQ, generating complete order forms and other agreements is a breeze. 

Select the appropriate request type from Salesforce, and Lexion automatically pre-populates your intake form with key deal information from the quote and opportunity, such as party names, product quantities and pricing, and more. That’s zero time wasted re-keying information, and zero chance for errors that might slow down your deals—or cost your organization big.

If changes are required, generating a new agreement is as easy as updating the quote in Salesforce and refreshing the data in Lexion.

It’s easy for legal to build custom templates for order forms and other contracts, too, with Lexion’s incredibly easy-to-use template builder inside Lexion for Word. Your legal team can do it themselves in their favorite drafting tool—Microsoft Word.

Do more faster with automation

When you integrate Salesforce CPQ with Lexion, you can harness powerful automation to further accelerate your deals.

With Lexion’s easy-to-use no-code workflow automation, your documents can be routed for approval automatically with sales, finance, legal, and others, ensuring that nothing stands between sales and a signature. 

And that’s not all, either. Your team can automate everything from assigning deal owners and followers to sending custom notifications and even sending contracts for signature automatically when they’re ready to go out the door.

That’s more time closing deals and less time managing them.

Get total visibility into contract status and more

Lexion’s Salesforce integration also makes it easy for sales to stay in the loop on contract status, outstanding approvals, updates on signature, and more.

Once the contract is complete, it’s automatically uploaded to Lexion’s Repository and attached to the Salesforce opportunity, too, so sales always has the latest contract in-hand the moment it’s signed.

With everybody automatically on the same page, sales and legal are free to focus on getting deals across the finish line, not talking about getting deals across it.

Looking for a faster way to get deals done?

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