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Lexion + Salesforce: The Fastest Way for Sales and Legal to Get Deals Done

Lexion + Salesforce: The Fastest Way for Sales and Legal to Get Deals Done

Lexion + Salesforce: The Fastest Way for Sales and Legal to Get Deals DonePaxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

The relationship between sales and legal can be tense, especially during the end-of-quarter rush.

Sales wants to move fast to close more deals, and they’re frustrated by anything that stands in their way.

Legal is balancing countless concurrent tasks and needs to make sure its contracts are airtight to protect the company from unnecessary risk.

Still, if your business is going to grow, then they’ve got to find common ground and work together quickly and efficiently.

Integrating Salesforce with Lexion Workflow is the fastest way for sales and legal to get deals done.

With Lexion’s new Salesforce integration, it’s easier than ever for sales and legal to work together seamlessly. It allows in-house legal teams to work from a legal task management dashboard and ticketing system that’s purpose-built to streamline their work. Sales can easily submit requests, get updates, and find the information they need—all without leaving Salesforce, and without learning a new tool or process.

Better still, Lexion is listed on the Salesforce AppExchange, which means you can count on easy integration and ongoing maintenance, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing Lexion passed Salesforce’s stringent security review process.

Accelerate deals

Time spent jumping between platforms to get legal’s help answering simple questions, reviewing contracts, or drafting standardized agreements is time that could’ve been spent tracking down (and winning) new business.

Don’t let anything stand between sales and a commission. Lexion helps get to “close” faster by making it easy for reps to submit legal requests, generate and send templated agreements for signature with a click, and collaborate seamlessly with legal—all from inside Salesforce.

Increase visibility

Sales shouldn’t have to follow up with legal just to know the latest on their deals. Legal shouldn’t be interrupted constantly by hundreds of emails, Slack messages, and desk drop-bys asking, “Hey, have they signed yet? What’s the status?”

Those kinds of disruptions slow down deals.

Lexion makes it easy to keep sales and legal on the same page by embedding Lexion’s task activity, message history, signature status, and relevant documents inside the associated Salesforce opportunity. Want to see what’s up with your contract? Need to know who still has to sign? You don’t even need to ask.

Automate more

Nobody wants to do tedious, manual work. Apart from slowing down processes and introducing opportunities for human error, it’s just plain boring.

(Yeah, we said it.)

Lexion and Salesforce sync key information and documents automatically, eliminating tedious work like manual filing and duplicate data entry. Intake forms pull relevant details from Salesforce accounts and opportunities automatically, streamlining the legal request process, eliminating errors, and ensuring legal has all of the information they need to get to work.

Better still, you can use that metadata from Lexion to build reports in Salesforce, so you can easily show key stakeholders things like how much revenue is making its way through legal, the status of those deals, and when you might reasonably expect them to close.

Looking for a faster way to get deals done?

Lexion can help. Schedule your demo today.


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