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Lexion's No-Code Workflow Automation is Contract Automation for Everyone

Lexion's No-Code Workflow Automation is Contract Automation for Everyone

Lexion's No-Code Workflow Automation is Contract Automation for EveryonePaxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Businesses and legal teams spend too much time managing their contract processes manually, or else trying to manage the very (complex) tools that were supposed to make it easy.

These kinds of inefficiencies and unnecessary complications often result in delays in closing deals, onboarding vendors, and kickstarting new projects. 

Nobody wants that.

With Lexion’s all-new No-Code Workflow Automation, business and legal teams can create custom, scalable workflows to guide contracts across every team from creation and redlining through approval and signature—automatically.

That means contracts get done faster, and no critical step or stakeholder gets overlooked in the process.

The best part? It’s so easy, anybody can do it with no formal training or help from IT required.

With No-Code Workflow Automation, a few clicks is all it takes to automatically:

  • Assign task ownership based on department, contract type, or other deal details 
  • Add followers to keep key stakeholders in the loop as tasks progress
  • Generate contracts from legal-approved templates to get to draft fast
  • Route for approval to ensure alignment across your teams and departments
  • Send for signature to accelerate the path from open opportunity to closed deal 
  • Change task statuses to keep parties informed of updates and next steps

Check it out:

Create custom, automated contract workflows that scale in just a few clicks

With No-Code Workflow Automation, standardizing contract workflows and processes for getting sales deals done, onboarding new vendors, and other critical tasks is simple, so you can be sure that every contract follows the same process every time—and in a fraction of the time, too. 

Want to make sure every new contract-related request hits the ground running by automatically assigning the most qualified owner? Easy. How about making sure your Director of Sales is automatically up to speed on every high value contract? Cake. Can you tee up the required approvals for new vendor contracts? In seconds.

And that’s just the beginning.

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Learn more about Lexion’s new No-Code Workflow Automation here.

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