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Drive quick adoption and ROI with email

Drive quick adoption and ROI with email

Drive quick adoption and ROI with emailJason Ng
Associate Product Marketing Manager

Contracts aren’t just for legal. Contracting is a collaborative effort involving almost every team across your organization. 

If your contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform only suits your legal team and not the rest of your business, then nobody but your legal team is going to use it.

That means another tool sitting idly by (which means so much for ROI). 

It’s important to factor in your business users’ needs when choosing your CLM, and a great place to start is to make sure it integrates with the tools and processes they already use.

You’ve got mail! 

Without an easy way to interface with your CLM, it’s extra effort for business users to collaborate with legal in a tool they don’t know. Nobody wants that—especially them. 

It’s not just the trouble of having to learn a new system, either; it’s the hassle of one more interruption in their workflows.  

Letting business users interact with your CLM through email minimizes change management and streamlines your contracting process to help get deals done faster. Here’s how:

Minimize change management

Most CLMs require your business to learn a new tool and change their existing processes. Lexion won’t.

Interacting with your CLM through email means not having to change the way your business has always worked with legal: submitting requests, communicating with the legal team, getting approvals, and more can all be done through email.

With Lexion, nobody has to learn a new tool or radically change their day-to-day. Most business users won’t even have to know that Lexion exists—they’ll just keep emailing legal like they always have.

Drive quick adoption

Like any new tool, if your new CLM adds another layer of complication to users’ already busy days, they aren’t going to use it. 

The big question with any new process is whether it’s easier than the status quo. If it’s not, then people are going to keep doing things the way they always have. Lexion is a lot easier. It’s intuitive and makes managing our large volume of contracts simple.” – Amy Lund, Director of Legal, RetailNext

Engaging with your CLM by email opens the door for business users to immediately start using your CLM. There’s no training required, and there’s no learning curve. It’s no wonder Lexion’s customers have been able to launch the system company-wide with as little as one email.

With your whole business onboard, you’ll get to recognize significant ROI for your CLM (which translates to two easy thumbs up from your CFO). 

Work more efficiently

Allowing business users to stay in the tools they’re most comfortable—like email—doesn’t just make things easier, either. It also makes them more efficient. Time that’s not spent jumping between platforms to submit requests or check status is time they’re free to spend taking care of business, not just trying to get to it.

What’s more, keeping all messages between legal and business stakeholders in one place reduces communication bottlenecks and enables everybody to get their deals across the finish line faster.

The right way is an email away

Lexion integrates seamlessly with email so you can close deals faster by streamlining legal intake, collaboration, and task management while continuing to work the way you always have.

With Lexion, you get:

  • Easy intake – Submit legal requests from email that then automatically become tasks in Lexion to collect all necessary details proactively and streamline legal intake.
  • Simple approvals – Approve and reject requests right from your inbox to accelerate reviews and move deals forward faster. 
  • Frictionless collaboration – Communicate seamlessly between your inbox and Lexion while collaborating in one intuitive place.
  • And so much more!

Better yet, getting Lexion up and running is easy and quick—guaranteed—thanks to our 60-day money-back implementation guarantee

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