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Looking for a contract? Lexion’s chatbot for Slack will find it for you instantly.

Looking for a contract? Lexion’s chatbot for Slack will find it for you instantly.

Have you ever needed to look up a contract urgently, but then been left wondering where it was? Or sent a request to the legal team to find it, but are left waiting for an answer? Or tried to find it in your company’s shared drive, but it wasn’t where you expected to find it?

Then again, maybe you’re on the legal team and have been on the other side of this fence: a team member rushing in with a critical priority request to find a contract right away, breaking your focus. Maybe you’ve tried to train people to help themselves, but it never seems to stick, and you’re wasting hours each week for what is basically an administrative chore.

Well, suffer no more, because today, we’re delighted to announce the Lexion chatbot, a familiar and friendly interface built right into Slack for asking questions about your contracts. Simply send a Slack message to Lexion as if she were a member of your company’s legal team.

The Lexion chatbot will instantly locate the relevant contract for you, along with key details like its start date, end date, and any particular notes. And of course, this all works securely and based on the viewing permissions that the legal team has set. The Lexion chatbot replies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don't worry, labor laws do not apply.

Our customers love this feature because it removes administrative work and makes them look like heroes. Not all heroes wear capes - sometimes they come in the form of a Lexion chatbot.

We are excited about it too. In fact, so much so, that we’re running a free promotion: Lexion will host all of your NDAs for the remainder of 2020 and give you access to our new Slack bot, for free and no obligation to purchase afterwards. You’ll enjoy all of the benefits of our platform: automatic AI extraction, amazing search, DocuSign integration, unlimited users, and so much more… all for FREE.

Schedule a demo with us if you’re interested in learning more.


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