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Streamline Collaboration with Flexible Notifications

Streamline Collaboration with Flexible Notifications

Streamline Collaboration with Flexible NotificationsPaxton Wiers
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Contracting is a team sport.

Whether you’re part of a large legal team or a solo GC, depending on the agreement, you could deal with dozens of internal and external stakeholders, from sales or marketing to procurement or finance.

But not every player on your team needs to be involved in every play. Involve too many players, and you’ve got a cluttered mess of chaos (or, by another name, your kid’s rec league soccer game). Involve too few, and you’ll never move the ball down the field.

Every organization is different, and your contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution should work the way you do—not the other way around.

For example, you might prefer that when Barry in sales (you know Barry, right?) submits a prospect’s latest redlines for legal review, he’s notified when that task is assigned and of any status changes throughout the process but not of every message between your legal and finance teams throughout the review process. After all, Barry’s time could be better spent doing what Barry does best: following up with prospects to close deals and grow your business.

Or you might prefer the opposite: that Barry be kept in the loop on every activity throughout the review process. After all, nobody knows this prospect like Barry, and his close collaboration may be the key to sealing the deal.

It’s not just true for Barry, either. Depending on your team and how your organization works, there may be any number of stakeholders who should (or shouldn’t) be notified at various stages throughout your contracting process.

Flexible notifications that fit your processes

With flexible notification settings for each user type, Lexion Workflow makes it easy to ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time. No more inundating users with notifications they don’t need, and no more leaving critical stakeholders out of the loop on important updates.

It’s just one more way Lexion fits into your existing processes and workflows, making it incredibly easy to use (and incredibly easy to adopt). 

Pair that with Lexion’s AI-powered repository with versatile, automatic reminders and powerful search and reporting capabilities, and you have the powerful pre-signature and post-signature tools you need to streamline contract creation, negotiation, and execution—and to track and execute on them afterward. 

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