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Thank you for a great 2022

Thank you for a great 2022

Thank you for a great 2022Gaurav Oberoi
Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Dear friends of Lexion,

I am incredibly grateful for so many things: my wonderful family, an incredible team, The Office Lego set, and the reason I’m writing this note – an amazing 2022 for Lexion. As the CEO of our company, I want to take a moment to thank you for your continued support, and to share some of our major wins from the past year.

First and foremost, I am proud to announce that our business has been thriving. We have been able to grow our revenue threefold and have been recognized as one of the top 10 contract management solutions on G2, with nearly 100 positive reviews from people using Lexion to run their business. A huge thank you to our customers for picking us over numerous other solutions.

I am also proud of the groundbreaking AI features we’ve released that drive true customer value. Our recently announced AI Contract Assist powered by GPT-3 is in beta and is already garnering rave reviews. We’ve also developed dozens of new AI models to understand contracts, and continued to apply the latest research to maximize accuracy. And our efforts have not gone unnoticed: a group of top AI investors (including A16Z, Sequoia, Goldman Sachs), voted Lexion as one of the top 40 Intelligent Applications to watch in 2022; while Legal Tech Breakthrough awarded us “Best Use of AI in Contract Management.”

But that’s not all. In 2022 we continued to focus on what customers truly care about: fast time to value. So many CLM implementations fail because it takes forever to gather requirements, configure systems, and train the entire organization. We’ve turned this approach on its head, with an iterative approach that works right from within email, Slack, and Teams. The results have been incredible: with customers getting started the very day they buy Lexion, requiring minimal change management, and layering on automated approvals, intake, template generation, integrations, etc. incrementally over time.

We’ve also worked hard to further support our customers in accelerating deals, with huge upgrades to our Salesforce integration, and the launch of a deep HubSpot integration. This, combined with our (soon-to-be-announced) workflow automation features (ssshhh, stay tuned!), has made Lexion the fastest way for businesses to get deals done.

Finally, we are dedicated to building a strong community of operations professionals who make companies hum, from legal teams, to revenue ops, procurement, IT, and finance – contracting is a team sport, and all of these folks are critical to getting deals done. To this end, we have hosted a series of groundbreaking webinars that have broken records with 2,000+ registrants; provided incredible resources such as videos, ebooks, and case studies to help teams excel at operations; and even shared some hilarious memes to keep things lighthearted. 

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Lexion. We are excited to continue delivering innovative solutions and building an even stronger community in the coming year.




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