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Lexion Welcomes Laura Reigel as VP of Marketing

Lexion Welcomes Laura Reigel as VP of Marketing

Lexion Welcomes Laura Reigel as VP of Marketing

A company and product are only as good as the people behind it. How lucky, then, that Lexion is home to some of the best? 

Earlier this month, we were pleased to welcome B2B SaaS marketing leader and high-growth startup veteran Laura Reigel to the Lexion team in the role of VP of Marketing.

Laura brings 15+ years of experience growing successful tech startups, including at Esper, where she led the DevOps company’s product marketing efforts, and PayScale, where she spearheaded customer and product marketing initiatives for the compensation data company.

Laura’s arrival comes at an exciting time in Lexion’s growth.

“We’ve seen tremendous success in helping in-house legal teams simplify contracting and sales teams accelerate deals,” said Lexion CEO and co-founder Gaurav Oberoi, “but that’s just the beginning. Contracting touches every corner of a business. With Laura’s expertise, we’re excited to bring Lexion to these other teams too.”

“I was drawn to Lexion by the opportunity to join a fast-growing company, the strength and intelligence of the team, and the potential to build on what is already an outstanding product,” Laura said. “It’s incredible what this team has already built, and I’m thrilled to see where we can take Lexion next.”


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