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Why every sales team should push for Contract Management

Why every sales team should push for Contract Management

Why every sales team should push for Contract ManagementAmelia Burleson
Account Executive

My job at Lexion is focused on generating revenue. Simply put, I’m a salesperson. The best feeling is when a prospect I’ve been working with for quite some time gives me the green light to subscribe to Lexion’s software. Every single day it’s ultimately my goal to send a contract out of some sort to customers. These contracts can include everything from NDAs and SOWs to Sales Contracts and MSAs.

Want to know the most difficult part about my job? The part that keeps me tossing and turning at night?

It's when I have no idea what is going on with that contract. The fear that races through my body when the unknown is so close to bringing on my customers. 

For years in previous sales roles, I never knew exactly what was going on with my contracts. I would send email after email to my General Counsel (GC) hoping that I won’t interrupt their busy days for a status update. We had a problem that most sales teams don’t even think about solving: we needed a contract management tool. 

That’s where Lexion comes in as a life saver. I have everything at my fingertips these days, and in the easiest way possible. I no longer have to worry about flooding my legal team’s inbox – Lexion organizes all of this for them. Not only can I request help from my legal team, I can also send contracts just by using my email connecting into Lexion without me having to learn a new tool. 

I can get insights into what contracts are already in place with customers by sending a simple Slack message, like this:

The Workflow feature of Lexion shows exactly where in the signing process a contract is. Here's an example:

Workflow easily tracks all contracting tasks

One of the biggest perks of transitioning to Lexion that I didn’t expect when coming to work at Lexion was getting to use Lexion’s contract management system myself. My old self used to think that the Legal team took up most of the time of my contract being in limbo, but now I can literally see if it is in Counterparty review, legal review, or even business review. 

The pain of getting anything approved via email is completely gone now as well! Similar to asking for help from legal via email, getting discounts approved, or even redlines from my account were getting lost in the daily loads of emails every single business person receives. Time kills deals, and sometimes it was even my own fault because when you don’t streamline your processes, including managing contracts via email, things fall through the cracks. It can’t be denied. 

Now that I don’t have to waste so much time worrying about contracts and chasing down the status of my contracts, I can focus on truly providing value to my customers, and ultimately, the company. My life with Lexion is so much simpler now due to this. A lot of my old “cants” and “don’t knows” are now so simple in an easy to view way. I no longer have to worry about where my contracts are in the signing process or what contracts are already in place with a customer. My GC isn’t pulling her hair out because I’m asking a million questions that are really just “what’s going on with my contract?” 

If your legal team is missing a contract management tool, look into getting one today. Start your search off by getting a demo of Lexion. It will save time, streamline deals, and keep everyone in one single source of truth. Without a contract management tool, you will be doing not only your legal team a disservice, ultimately you’re doing your sales, finance, procurement, and other teams a disservice by complicating what should be the most important thing to a business: contracts. 


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