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Women in Legal: Meet Lena, Account Executive

Women in Legal: Meet Lena, Account Executive

Women in Legal: Meet Lena, Account ExecutiveKyler Thompson
Content Marketing Specialist

As Pride month wraps up, we wanted to share Lena’s story—an attorney turned account executive, and a member of the Lexion team.

Meet Lena

Lena Fields came out to her friends and peers as a lesbian in 2008, which in her own words, was “a very, very different time.” It wasn’t until years later that she realized that outright bigotry wasn't the only way for people to show intolerance. Things said and done to her around that time made her realize that homophobia can show itself in even the subtlest ways.

When Lena was looking for a new role in the summer of 2022, she was adamant that the company she joined celebrated her whole, authentic self.

“When I was interviewing at Lexion, I was so excited about our product and I felt very inspired by every single person I interviewed with,” Lena explained. 

 “My last test was to hint at my identity, and…. put it out there. During the interview process, I made sure to mention my wife and being LGBTQ+ to everyone I interviewed with. To no surprise, not one person even batted an eye, which is exactly how things should be, right?”

We agree. However, data shows that professionals in the LGBTQ+ community continue to face disproportionate rates of challenges (mental health, discrimination, etc.) because of bigotry within not only society, but their workplace organizations. 

Ways to implement inclusivity at your workplace

Companies must prioritize inclusivity for their LGBTQ+ employees and other underestimated groups. Here are some ways you can do that:

  1. Foster open dialogue — Encourage conversations about identity and diversity in the workplace.
  2. Educate & raise awareness — Invest in training, workshops, and events focused on LGTBQ+ issues, gender identities, and other related topics.
  3. Establish Support Networks — Consider creating or expanding upon employee resource groups!
  4. Review Policies — Make sure they’re inclusive and adequately reflect your diverse workforce and their needs.
  5. Pronouns — Encourage (but not force) employees to share and respect each other’s pronouns.
  6. Celebrate — Celebrate holidays like PRIDE month to remind your employees and peers that they’re safe to be themselves!

Come as you are 

We’re grateful that Lena tested and trusted us, because we’re so lucky to have her! 

“I speak with my coworkers about my wife, and about queer culture, all these things that are near and dear to me as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community,” said Lena. “Here at Lexion, I feel not only accepted, but celebrated, and I believe our leadership really does value and celebrate diversity in all forms. It's really a wonderful place to be.”

No one should have to show up to work hiding any part of themselves, and they’ll never have to at Lexion.

So we say: continue to celebrate your true identity. We hope all current and future hires feel just as empowered to come as they are—however, and whoever, that might be.

Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈

Check out these mental health resources for LGBTQIA+ professionals and, if you’re interested in joining the Lexion team, check out our open roles.  


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