AI Contract Assist

Accelerate contract review, redlining, and drafting with a GPT-powered legal co-pilot that puts the power of GenAI inside Microsoft Word.

Even if you don't use Lexion's end-to-end CLM.
AI Contract Assist™ is currently in closed beta testing.
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Accelerate your contract review process by up to 80%

Automate contract review, redlining, and more with AI Contract Assist, the standalone add-in for Microsoft Word that puts the power of generative AI where you need it most.
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Accelerate reviews by up to 80% and radically reduce deal cycles
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Increase capacity and scale your business by investing energy where it matters
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Pre-built Playbooks

Start reviewing instantly with five industry-standard playbooks included
Intelligent Automation

Accelerate contract review and redlining with help from AI

Automate contract review against your playbooks to confirm they agree with your preferred positions. Lexion will flag relevant language for review and offer suggestions to bring it back into compliance.

Get started with Lexion's pre-built playbooks or add your own in minutes

AI Contract Assist comes pre-loaded with five industry-standard playbooks for common contract types. You can easily customize them to match your standards, or create new, custom playbooks for additional contract types and positions in minutes.

Enforce your standards across all of your contracts

Ensure consistency across all of your agreements by centralizing your playbooks. Reduce risk and improve compliance by standardizing guidelines across every agreement type and position.

Get redline recommendations based on your instructions

Select the clause you'd like to modify and simply enter your request. Lexion will suggest a set of proposed redlines to help get you started. Want another option? It's as easy as generating another suggestion.

Generate new clause language instantly to jump-start drafting

Describe the language you’re looking for, and Lexion will offer relevant suggestions on the spot. No more wasted time scouring the internet looking for examples.

Get AI-powered answers to questions about your contracts

Get quick answers to contract-related questions—anything from "summarize our obligations under this contract" to "does this contract allow termination for convenience"—and much, much more.
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