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Convert & Edit Your PDFs in Word with Lexion

Convert & Edit Your PDFs in Word with Lexion

Convert & Edit Your PDFs in Word with LexionJason Ng
Associate Product Marketing Manager

How many times have you found yourself staring at a PDF document you need to edit? 

Whether it’s your counterparty PDFing their redlines before sending them your way (rude!) or even sharing their template as a PDF (also rude!), you can’t edit until you’ve run the file through a third-party converter, which can be tedious, slow, and even expensive.

But not anymore. 

Lexion can automatically convert the PDF for you

With Lexion, you can open un-signed PDFs directly in Lexion for Word with a single click, so you can quickly start redlining immediately—no third-party converter or awkward workarounds required. 

Collaborate with ease

Whether the counterparty sends PDF or .docx, you can use Lexion for Word to get contracts back out the door faster. 

Besides the convenience of one-click leaps from Lexion to Word, Lexion for Word also offers:

  1. Easy version control: Upload the latest draft to Lexion as a new version with a click, where you can easily share it with other stakeholders, route for approval, send for signature, and more. 
  2. Convenient clause library: Access your Lexion clause library inside Word to compare proposed language against your standards to maintain consistency and minimize risk.
  3. AI-powered review and redline assistance: Accelerate contract review and redlining with the GPT-powered AI Contract Assist that puts the power of GenAI inside Microsoft Word.

Less hassle, more hustle

Want to see more? Check out Lexion for Word, and get an even closer look by scheduling your demo today.


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