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How To Make Legal Task Management a Breeze

How To Make Legal Task Management a Breeze

How To Make Legal Task Management a Breeze

You don't want a collection of overdue tasks weighing on your legal team, so updating your legal task management system to match the needs of the 21st century is essential. There are many task management tools, but so many legal task management software solutions aren't as easy to onboard and manage as they claim.

But, a new custom software solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is available. Let's explore how you can improve your legal task management process with an AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) system.

Three crucial steps you must take to improve legal task management

While technology can immensely improve the management of personal tasks and legal documents, you first must set goals for how your in-house legal team process matters. Here are three crucial steps:

Centralize everything to streamline communications and collaboration

You've heard the expression "too many cooks in the kitchen," right? When many people are trying to lead or delegate the fulfillment of client requests, then no one is.

Instead, centralizing everything makes it clear from one point of view what to do and when. Centralization also takes the personal guesswork out of which process is moving along and which is falling behind.

Centralizing your legal task management process creates a common place for clear communication and organization to ensure your team members receive consistent information.

Eliminate slow, tedious, and manual work

Outdated, manual processes are not only slow but also costly and wasteful. Obsolete methods — such as printing and signing by hand — can delay task deadlines. Legal documents are long, so sifting through them page by page takes time that could otherwise be productive.

Replacing antiquated processes accelerates moving from conditional contract requests to the next phase, negotiation and redlines from internal stakeholders, then through the signing and storage process. Removing these processes not only saves your legal team’s time but also saves you money.

Simplify systems and processes to make interacting with legal teams easy

Stakeholders should understand the contract negotiation process and what to do with contracts once executed. A crucial way to streamline this process and avoid time-costly confusion is to have an efficient communication system so your team can quickly move from one task to the next.

Stakeholders find it easy to email their legal team and get a response, but for the legal team on the other end, it can be chaotic to match the various requests to the correct documents or related tasks. However, a simplified system that interacts with your legal department's document management and organization makes communication easier and faster on both ends.

Why an AI-powered CLM is the way to go

To find ways to improve and streamline industries and revolutionize how you collect and process data, companies are utilizing AI. It can also help with contract lifecycle management. Here's how:

Creates a single source of truth for task management and document storage

A single source of truth (SSOT) means all data from multiple systems in an organization aggregated into a single workflow, ensuring that everything your stakeholders and legal team handle is all conducted through a single, organized workflow. SSOT maximizes efficiency across the board by eliminating time-consuming searches for documents, streamlining communication about specific matters, and storing documents in a single, easy-at-access cloud solution.

Provides powerful tools for automation and document analysis to save time

AI legal task management can also allow stakeholders to self-serve and instantly generate, auto-populate, and sign standardized contracts such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Self-serve tasks ensure that you maximize your return on investment by creating the bandwidth for legal teams to strategize more and contract-generate less.

AI-powered legal task delegation apps also analyze automated productivity reports that show approaching deadlines, client requests, completed tasks, and everything you need to know to understand your contract process productivity.

Integrates with existing tools and processes to minimize change management

One of the most challenging parts of adopting new software and processes is having yet another system to learn and integrate with the systems you already have. However, using AI-powered legal task management software means you can use the existing tools you already know without the need to learn a whole new process. Tasks such as contacting your team via email, obtaining document signatures, or efficiently storing executed legal documents can integrate with the management software and automate these processes through AI.

Not only does this make things easier for you and your team, but it saves money by not going through an expensive and exhausting onboarding and training process.

Help your legal team fulfill more requests with Lexion's comprehensive solution

Legal teams have a lot of work to do. Focusing on high-value work rather than time-consuming tasks that can be automated using legal task management software better utilizes their time. Adopting legal task management software prevents your legal team from becoming overburdened and saves you money.

Lexion has developed an easy-to-use contract management system that makes legal teams happy and more productive. Using automation and AI, we eliminate busywork and streamline contract review, accelerating the process so you can focus on running your business.

Our system seamlessly integrates with business systems like Gmail, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams — among many others — so that adoption with your communication process perfectly dovetails. It is the only email-based CLM built to eliminate change management with a system that's simple to implement and easy to adopt.

We also integrate with other storage systems and signature tools to help your legal documents stay organized and your signing process seamless.

Lexion, developed with a top-notch team of experienced professionals from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, knows how to use the latest AI technology to make your legal task management system the most efficient and cost-effective it's ever been.

Get a demo of Lexion's Workflow and find out how your legal team can operate at its best.


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